Different Types of Timber To Use For Wooden Floor Covering

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Wooden flooring

Wooden floors are any product made of wood, which is designed for outdoor use, either aesthetically or functional, as outdoor floor covering. Wood is an easily obtainable source of building materials and has been a major building material since ancient times.

There are various types of timber available to build wooden floors. Some types of wood are stronger than others, some are more versatile, and many of them have a specific purpose. All wooden flooring guide is available at Abu Dhabi Furnitures, The following are some types of timber suitable for wooden floor covering:

Materials For wooden Flooring:

Pine – A hardwood species native to Europe, this species of timber is popular because of its natural beauty, resistance to decay, and the durability it provides. It has a reddish-brown appearance and is dense and tough. It is the most commonly used wood in making floors and has been used to make everything from floor coverings for bathrooms to exterior building materials such as garages. The density and strength of this timber make it a good choice for use in residential buildings, commercial buildings, workshops, barns, sheds, and even in railway lines.

Birch – This type of timber is native to Britain and can be found almost everywhere in the UK. It is commonly used to make wood flooring, with the denseness and natural beauty of this species helping to make it a highly desirable choice in terms of durability and beauty. This type of timber is very dense, so as a floor covering it is very strong, and also has a very attractive appearance.


Oak – This is the strongest and most dense type of wood available. It is also the hardest of all woods, making it an excellent choice for both industrial and residential use. It is often used in commercial applications to make wooden doors and windows. Oak also makes excellent floor covering materials and is highly preferred over pine because of its durability and resistance to decay.

Cedar – This wood is native to the Americas and the east coast of Mexico. It is very dense, so as to be strong enough to support wooden floors. It also has a reddish-brown colour and is very strong. This type of timber is often used to make wooden benches and other ornamental wooden items such as planters and birdbaths.

Usage of wooden Floors:

The various types of timber used for building wooden flooring covering depend on the type of timber and the desired results. For example, the strength and durability of the timber and how strong or soft it is, are both factors which must be considered when choosing the timber to be used for a wooden floor covering project.

Wooden floors can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used to help give a room a contemporary look to a room, or they can be used to create a traditional feel by covering hardwood flooring with natural timber such as cedar.

When selecting the best timber to use as a wooden floor covering it is important to consider the way the timber will look when it is finished. For example, if you want to create a warm, traditional look in your living room then using birch would be a good choice. This type of timber looks great with the red, white and cream colours of the furniture, and can help to give the room a rustic, rural feel. If, however, you prefer something a little more modern in appearance than using oak is an excellent choice.


Cedar flooring is ideal for any room that has to have wooden flooring. Cedar has a unique natural look and it also looks very nice with many different colored wood furnishings. Cedar is also very strong, and this makes it an ideal choice for industrial use where you need to create a certain level of strength and durability.

Cedar flooring is also a popular choice for home decorating because of the fact that it is relatively easy to care for. Because it does not require regular maintenance, it can be left outdoors, or even in a shed, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of this beautiful timber in your garden all year round.

When you are choosing the different types of timber to use for your wooden floor covering project you need to remember that each one will take a different amount of time and attention to care. However, in the end it is worth it as your finished product will provide years of enjoyment.

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