Will a Criminal Record Affect My Immigration Status?

The term “Immigrants” ‘s hidden meaning is to define the nationality and the national background of an individual who has already left his county and came to a different county to live permanently or temporarily.

Having a criminal record or criminal background is never considered something good. So, people with that kind of background history planning about immigration often get stuck to one question, Will a criminal record affect my immigration status?

If you are looking for the answer to this question, this writing is for you. Let’s have an in-depth look at this issue.

What is a Criminal Record?

Whenever we heard the term “history/record,” it creates an image of something from the past. A criminal record also indicates the history of doing something illegal of an individual in the past. This ‘doing’ or involving in something illegal means criminal activities.

Criminal activities can be like sexual offences, murder, human trafficking, violence, drug offences, robbery, eve-teasing, etc. every country has made its own rules to differentiate between legal and illegal activities. Illegal activities mean doing something which is not permitted to do. If anyone still does those things, they are known as criminals.

Personal development is a very well appreciated concept nowadays. A criminal can also be a good human being if he tries, but it doesn’t mean all of his criminal records will wipe out.

What does the term immigration status indicate?

Immigration status means the status of an individual after immigrating to a country. It also means the identity of that individual in that particular country. People who have gone through the immigration process everyone owns an immigration status.

If that immigration process happened in the United States and the person is living permanently in that country, they may have four types of immigration status. Those are,

  1. Undocumented immigrants.
  2. Citizens.
  3. Non-immigrants.
  4. Residents.

Most people try hard to get the citizenship status for permanent staying.

How Does a Criminal Record Create an Impact on An Individual’s Immigration Status?

If you live in Canada as an immigrant and try to get better immigration status, your criminal record must be clean to get the desired status. Most people target to get the citizenship status though it needs a critical and strict process to complete.

An individual having a criminal record will face the negative impacts here to gain their desired immigration status. Whatever the criminal record depicts, he/she must try to get a pardon in Canada fast. This may make the complexity less.

First of all, you need to understand the threats and possible problems your criminal record may create. After identifying this, you have to calculate your further ways. In this case, taking professional help would be great, and you can also consult with an attorney about it to get the best solutions.

Mainly having a criminal record can create four types of risks in immigration status. Those are,


For an individual who is a visa holder and planning to apply to get a green card or trying to get an extension of stay or to get immigration benefits, a criminal record can make it all cancel by tagging the term inadmissible on you.


Even if you are a green card holder, a criminal record holds a higher chance of making you deportable.


It will make you ineligible to apply for anything.


Criminal record or committing a crime will make you fall on the list who are ineligible to get naturalized U.S citizenship.

Is There Any Way Out to Wipe Out the Criminal Record or Get Rid of It?

As human beings, most of the time, we get advised by one sentence: you have to think more than twice or thrice before doing something if it doesn’t feel right to do; once you do that thing, there’s no coming back. If the work is wrong, you must face the consequences.

A criminal record is also similar to that sentence. Once you do something punishable, your fate will keep getting the punishment till the last breath of your life.

According to the rules of the United States, those criminal records wouldn’t get wiped until you turn one hundred years old. You may laugh after hearing this rule because 90% of people do not get a chance to live till they turn 100 years old. So, technically you have to bear the consequences of those criminal records all your life.

Still, we cannot deny exceptions, and every country does not follow the same rules. Your criminal record can also be wiped out after 11 years, depending on the individual’s situation and the criminal offence.

Final Verdict

Life becomes easier and more peaceful if you abide by all the country rules and maintain moral values. Try not to get involved in evil deeds and criminal activities. One case of involvement in criminal activity can be the reason for your destruction.

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