Why You Should Definitely Use a Credit Card for Travelling

by jannie Wilson

Travelling is going to be the idea for this blog only.

You have got many uses of credit cards in other spheres of life.

Whether or not you use a credit card, remember that these are needed, and, at some point in our lives, credit cards can make a difference.

And almost everybody in the UK is PASSIONATE about using credit cards.

No, it is not a craze or a trend. It is a practical necessity and an organised living.

A credit card does have fundamental values that cultivate a productive life for many. But, it is also true that credit cards offer special perks in doing special things…for instance…travelling.

You might be thinking it is for safety that you will choose a credit card.

You might again be thinking that it is convenient to use a credit card while travelling.


While these can obviously be the reasons for which a credit card is considered a worthy investment for travelling, there are many other reasons for which a credit card gets to win the game of being the number one financing solution in funding your travel needs.

Why so?

Let’s read to find out.

  • Why a Credit Card for Funding Travel Requirements?

Well, it is not that you get amazing facilities like a £2000 loan for bad credit (if that credit score is low) just because you own a credit card. You get credit card facilities because you are choosing to go cashless, which come with attractive perks.

A credit card is one of the most favourable finance services afforded in the UK.

You can get surprising facilities that no one will gain using cash money with a credit card.

And the good news is that these facilities just seem to increase with the necessity of travel.

Read these points to find out the true perks a credit card offers you for travel-related purposes.

  • Get Reward Programs
  • Be More Flexible in Transactions
  • You Get Travel and Rental Insurance

Let’s read about these points in detail.

  1. Get Reward Programs in Credit card

The reward system is the best option for using a credit card.

And that means you are going to get attractive offers and other types of perks with the help of a credit card.

Let’s start with the cash back offers. If you are a bit inquisitive about purchasing your credit card, you will know that the credit card you are buying comes in many different offers.

One of them is the cash back offers where you get percentage (like 1% or 2%) cash back while purchasing groceries, takeaway food or gas for your car etc.

A credit card helps you make a better and more efficient purchase in terms of travelling.

If you’re carrying a credit card with you, then you get most of the items with insurance and a prolonged warranty.

In Europe, at least 2% of the value of a product is given to the buyer if he or she is carrying a credit card.

You may also get more deductions on accommodation and dining fees or flying costs with the help of discounts and gift cards that come particularly for a credit cardholder.

  1. Be More Flexible in Transactions 

You need to be really flexible with the transaction of money because it is the digital age.

Online money transfer is a reality.

And for travel purposes, it is rather more relevant.

Travelling doesn’t mean getting cluttered with luggage and things. But, it also means enjoying the environment and being AT PEACE.

How exactly can you be at peace if you constantly think about your wallet and feel a little nervous unless your money gets stolen?

With a credit card, that trouble is kept at bay.

You can book your flights; order an airport taxi service; go to the amusement park nearby; pay for food; buy medicines, all without the hassle of counting money.

Plus, a credit card also offers you the backup to solve monetary issues in an emergency more efficiently than cash money.

Use a credit card with high limits. In case you have got a low credit score, take out a £2000 loan for bad credit and use the money for travelling as well as for rebuilding your credit score. Use two credit cards (one with a higher credit limit and the other with a lower credit limit) to manage expenses better.

  1. You Get Travel and Rental Insurance

Well, in case you worry about insurance plans, then a credit card has your back.

With a credit card, you get the opportunity to get facilitation of medical insurances while travelling and rental insurances in case you’ve taken a car in rent.

The thing is, there are particular  card companies and bank offers where you can avail your medical insurance facilities at the time you travel.

It may not be an easy option with cash money. But a credit card just made the matter simpler.

Many credit card companies provide you with the solution of car rentals when you book a car only for travelling purposes.

If your insurance coverage is higher than your annual credit card fees, isn’t it better to use a  card, including travel insurance?

Your flight gets delayed, your luggage gets stolen, but you don’t have to worry. Use the card to claim financial support from your insurer.

  • To Conclude: You Might Get a Better Exchange Rate with Your Credit Card

So, you have taken out a 12 month loan with no credit check from a direct lender in the UK?

Well done!

Now, it is time for you to be happier.

You can know that many foreign countries offer a better exchange rate in currency conversion…

…only if…

…you are carrying a credit card.

So, why waste time then?

Slide in your credit cards in your wallet or purse and get ready for exploring the world!

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