Why You Need to Visit a Travel Medicine Specialist Before your International Trip

by Allen Madzen
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Travel medicine has become extremely important in today’s pandemic times. A branch of medicine that is specifically devoted to the health of travelers who visit foreign nations on a regular or periodic basis, it plays a key role in the control and prevention of infectious diseases. It is also crucial when it comes to taking care of personal safety and avoiding environmental risks. 

Usually performed by international travel clinic entities, upon your visit, you are assessed travel-related risks. Afterward, their personnel provide information on how you can take care of your health, safety, and welfare while traveling. Or encourage you to undergo medical procedures usually in the form of vaccination. 

There are a number of important reasons why you should visit an international travel clinic and have yourself checked before your international trip. Some of the most important ones are elaborated below. 

Reduce the likelihood of illnesses

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Reducing the likelihood of illnesses is not as easy as buying over-the-counter medicines and taking them before your trip. This is because medications vary from one person to another. An international travel clinic physician may perform an extensive diagnosis of your health and fitness level and study your medical history. He or she may prescribe certain medications or instruct you to become vaccinated.

Educate you on food and water safety

International travel medicine is not just about preventing illnesses by means of medication and vaccination. It is also about achieving it through food and water safety. Which means that you may need to avoid uncooked fruits and vegetables, tap water, unpasteurized dairy, room-temperature meat, etc. to avoid contamination.

Precautionary measures

When you travel internationally, there is a probability that you are going to have contact with a disease that is more common in the country that you are visiting. With this in mind, aside from being vaccinated, an international travel clinic physician may also give you essential pointers on preventing influenza and other similar conditions. 

He or she may encourage you to stay away from enclosed spaces, wear a respiratory protective mask like a N95 mask in airports, airplanes, malls, etc. 

Summing up

These are only some of the notable benefits that you can enjoy if you consult a travel medicine professional before your international trip. To make the most of your appointment, make sure to give your detailed travel itinerary, medical history, existing acute or chronic condition, and so on. 

All in all, regardless of your reason to travel—vacation, work, business, study—visiting an international travel clinic is a must if you want to ensure your health as well as safety and those of your loved ones are not compromised in any way. 

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