Why Hire an eCommerce Web Development Company Over Freelancers?

by Hitesh Chauhan
eCommerce development company

If you are planning to establish an eCommerce business, you might be wondering whether to hire a freelancer or an eCommerce development company. Your choice may depend on a lot of factors. We will recommend a company, especially when you need custom eCommerce development.

Hiring a reputed company like The Brihaspati Infotech providing eCommerce solutions to clients all over the world has its advantages. There are many things that you will miss if you choose to hire a freelancer. Today, we will highlight some points to let you know why choosing a company over a freelancer is a smart decision. Let’s have a look at these points one by one:-

Professional services

You cannot afford to hire an unprofessional person for your custom eCommerce development needs. If you hire such a person, you can go through a lot of inconveniences during the development phase.

We have seen a lot of people complaining about unprofessional behavior by the freelancers they hire. Considering this fact, we always recommend people to go for an eCommerce web development company for better results.

Varied Experience

Developers with varied experience in eCommerce development can help you overcome any challenges during the development and deployment. New trends and technologies keep on emerging each day. An inexperienced developer may fail to satisfy your needs.

On the other hand, agencies and companies providing such services deal with several projects. It allows them to have a varied experience that can help overcome challenges and satisfy your needs for unique features in your store.

Multi-talent pool

A freelancer being an individual, will not have the know-how of each aspect of eCommerce development. He may be proficient with some technologies but will fail to support the issues for which he doesn’t have knowledge or experience.

On the other hand, eCommerce development agencies have large teams and a multi-talent pool. It lets them work on any development challenge with utmost proficiency. They can even help you with out-of-the-box solutions that a freelancer may fail to deliver.

Lower development cost

Most people think that hiring a company or agency will cost more than hiring a freelancer. Though it is a common perception, we will not agree on this. As your eCommerce platform will operate for many years to come, there are many indirect costs that you need to bear.

Apart from development, you have to spend money on ongoing maintenance or extra functionalities in your store. If you evaluate the overall cost including maintenance, updates, or changes, you will find companies more budget-friendly than the individual freelancers.

Adhering to timelines

Freelancers often fail to deliver projects on decided timelines. You can find a lot of people complaining about how their eCommerce business faced delays while working with individual freelancers. 

Though we are not saying that all freelancers do that, it is still a common problem. If you choose to hire a company, they have to maintain their reputation. They also have large teams to ensure that your eCommerce store is developed and deployed within the decided timeframes.

Dedicated support

One of the best parts of hiring an eCommerce development company over freelance is that they provide dedicated support. If your freelancer is busy with other projects too, he will fail to provide appropriate support during the development phase.

A good web development company will help you with all custom eCommerce development needs and ensure dedicated support for you so that developers and you can remain on the same page during the whole process.

Prompt communication

People often face the problem of miscommunication while working with freelancers. We have seen many people who choose to work with freelance developers face trouble due to communication gaps. If you want to avoid it, we will recommend hiring a reputed web development company.

Companies have to stand by their reputation, so they will ensure that you get the best out of the services they provide. They will be available for communicating any changes or suggestions 24/7. It will ensure that the end product can match your expectations.

Expert Advice 

As eCommerce development companies work with multiple businesses, they have better insights into the latest trends. They can offer you expert advice for the choice of technology and other features to match the latest industry standards.

On the other hand, you will miss such advice while working with freelancers due to the limited knowledge and experience they possess.

You will never know when an individual doing freelancing today will quit on you. 90% of the freelancers are taking projects just to pay their bills as a temporary solution. So make sure to hire a good eCommerce development company for the success of your business. They can also provide advice to skyrocket your sales. The advice might not be free but will help your business flourish. 


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