Why Chickpea Is Important In Daily Life

by saahilkhan

Gram is one of the main food crops in East Asia. Since it has a high nutritional value, it has a high demand in the world food market. In India, gram cultivation is done on a large scale. Therefore, a significant amount of foreign exchange is spent on imports. This study will contribute to the development of the country in the future. Gram( Chane Ki Kheti ) is an important cereal legume in Asia, and is a rich and inexpensive source of protein that can help people improve the nutritional quality of their diet. It is mainly imported for use from other countries.

Gram is used in medicine such as increasing sperm and milk, stimulating menstruation and urine, and helping treat kidney stones. Gram is grown in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions. Kabuli type gram is grown in temperate regions while indigenous type gram is grown in semi-arid tropics. Gram has high protein content, 25.3– 28.9%, with gram value for its nutritious seeds. A small proportion of canned chickpeas is also used in Turkey and Latin America.

Chemical and organic fertilizers were used as basal dressings. Three beds were used for the establishment of (30 X 45) cm spacing plants recommended by the Department of Agriculture, India. The other 9 beds were fitted with (25 x 40) cm, (35 X 50) cm, (35 X 40 cm), respectively, with 3 replicates. All beds were provided with the same management practices such as seed planting, irrigation, weeding, pest and disease control and fertilizer applications.

Three gram seeds were planted in a hole. After planting the seeds, all beds were covered using straw to prevent external deformation. Germination of seeds was observed 5 to 6 days after sowing the seeds. The sprinkler irrigation system was used to irrigate gram farming( Chane Ki Kheti ). All beds were irrigated with an interval of two days. Straw mulch was not removed as it would help conserve soil moisture. Weeding was done 14, 30 and 45 days after germination.

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