Why Box Printing is a Powerful Tool for CBD Branding?

by Ken Wilson
box printing

Customers are too often overwhelmed by in-your-face branding. Opting for simpler box printing can earn your brand an instant competitive edge!

With more platforms to reach customers, businesses are going all out in creating bolder and apparently visible designs. But what they miss to admit is that a lot of similar-looking boxes can put off customers. They need to be enticed using an alluring and offbeat box look; something that minimal designs are achieving powerfully in modern times.

It has proven to be a good way to give customers a break from the constant bombardments of loud and fancy packaging.

Here we are giving some of our favorite ideas for minimalistic box designs.

An overview of muted packaging

Have you ever observed why Apple can boast a loyal fan base? It is everything to do with its signature boxes embossed with minimal branding features. The business, using monotones and less content, depicts that it only concentrates on what matters. Customers too don’t take much time in adhering to this notion and place their bets on the brand.

But Apple is not alone in exuding a clean brand image on its boxes. Several new and existing brands are opting for a no-nonsense look for their printed CBD boxes.

If you are anxious that simplistic box patterns won’t give enough room for customer communication or being creative, then remember that the inside of the boxes can be used for mentioning the extra info and details. Moreover, the overall box appeal is bound to say a lot more to customers than all the texts put together.

Read on to know how your brand can also imbibe a clean and modest box appearance.

One: Use stamping and summarized content

Why don’t save your customers’ excitement for what is in the box? Using less content on the box covers creates an element of mystery that exaggerates the unboxing experience.

We suggest using custom stickers and stamps to convey your online portals and social media handles so customers can visit them to know more about your company. It works dually to save space on the boxes and also to increase website traffic.

Just the name and logo created with modern printing effects are enough to spark customer enthusiasm. The current customer preferences associate simple box appeal to premium ones. Just like Apple, your brand can be known for cleaner and functional CBD products that provide the required uses.

Two: Apprehendable messages

Use less words to describe the company and products. As mentioned, stating the website IDs is effective to convey an array of details. The boxes don’t have to be a storyboard. You can communicate more powerfully with carefully chosen Custom box printing rather than say the same thing using a plethora of text. It avoids confusing customers by getting the essential branding elements and messages across.

A good alternative is to use the inner box sides to print personalized messages, user manuals, and essential health issues. CBD products need to be described well so buyers trust the brand for future purchases. You can print all these on the inner flaps or encourage customers to visit your social media platform to learn more.

Three: Colorful depiction of the brand ethos

Using colors doesn’t have to mean creating a rainbow! The right combo of shades can alter the way customers view your CBD boxes. We recommend using single colors or a combo of two. This way, customers would concentrate solely on your brand logo and retain it for longer.

Every color has a different mood. Dark colors like black and red depict robust brand values consisting of energetic and fast-paced environments. Lighter shades convey a cooling effect. These can go well with CBD relaxing oils and painkillers.

Moreover, white and light color hues depict professional brand attitudes. Using colors can effectively compensate for printing excessive marketing materials to convey what the brand stands for.

box printing

Four: Exclusive box built

Innovative box shapes also help to provide an exceptional unboxing feel.

Instead of picking a lot of graphic and attention-grabbing designs, you can simply opt for professional boxes. Custom Box manufacturers create exclusive boxes that aren’t like any other. Layered box materials, custom inserts, additional notes, and cutouts can all add character to the brand image.

Customers love unboxing their orders. Presenting the CBD products in custom-made trays or enveloping the boxes with custom sleeves serves as a good way to imprint the boxes onto customers’ minds. Favorable reviews can earn expanded brand recognition without necessarily using exuberant box features.

Five: Eye-catching taglines

Including taglines is a good way to summarize branding. Often customers pick on these while they review store shelves. Muting the box elements makes the tagline appear highly visible to customers.

Persistent branding and marketing messages align all the brand promotions to give a persuading brand story. Customers are more likely to retain brand images that they see on multiple platforms. Be sure to use consistent branding elements so they shine brightly on the boxes.

Many brands use creative one-liners to attract customers. These have become part of the brand identity over the years. We remember our favorite brand by what they convey through their advertising taglines and your brand can too follow suit.

Six: Use custom box accessories

Putting a handle for heavier CBD products or sealing using ribbons is a better way to entice customers. Modern boxes are created with unique lock systems to create a positive buzz around the brand.

Physical box components are often greatly valued because they offer convenience for product handling and make the brand stand out among others. Customers usually keep the boxes even after using the CBD items. This way, the branding gets reinstating on customers’ memories and allows more potential buyers to get familiar with the brand image.

Contemporary box printing effects enable the essential brand features to stick out without using over-the-top designs and components.


Altogether, the above points are more than effective in putting forth a minimalistic brand identity creatively. Give your customers unique and worthy CBD boxes.

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