Why are Sapphire engagement rings getting popular?

Sapphire is a precious gemstone with a striking blue colour. However, there are many other colour variants. Sapphire engagement rings are not new; they are gaining recognition and popularity in recent years for a change over typical diamond engagement rings. History says gemstones, especially Sapphire, are already used by royalty couples to symbolize their love, devotion, and promises to make a life together even before diamond engagement rings came to the norm in the middle 20th century. Diamond became a frequent choice for an Solitare engagement ring after its discovery in Africa and Brazil, then Europe started getting an overwhelming supply of diamond. Because of it, multi-angle light refraction characteristic attracted many, and its durability without losing its shine made it a famous stone to use on royal jewellery. 

While the diamond is a compound of Carbon, Sapphire gemstones have long been used for betrothal purposes, which symbolizes love, romance, honesty, and commitment. It is believed that Sapphires protect individuals from potential accidents or any other harm who bears the gemstone. Let’s get to know more about various other shades of Sapphires.

Purple/Violet Sapphires

Despite people’s common belief that Purple and Violet have two different shades, which produce different hues. While purple is generated by mixing red with blue, violet is produced from mixing blue and purple. The most interesting fact about purple or violet Sapphire rings is that they shift their colour when reflected under specific light. The Purple gem changes colour to violet under fluorescent light or sunlight, and the violet gem changes colour to purple when reflected under incandescent light.

Green Sapphires

The rarest gemstone is the green Sapphires. Green Sapphires are extremely expensive because of their rarity. The green Sapphire rings are more striking and attractive than emerald gemstone and more durable than tourmaline or peridot. 

Orange Sapphires

In recent years orange Sapphires are more appreciated by people and valuable in the market. Because of its striking and vibrant pigmentation, it has become a very desirable gemstone in the fashion industry. 

White Sapphires

These Sapphire stones are not really white in colouration. These are actually colourless, or we can say transparent. White Sapphires are less in demand in the market rather than its pigmented counterparts; hence they are less expensive. These precious gemstones are mostly used as a substitute for diamonds. It is believed that white Sapphire is worn to gain success in a creative career, to achieve a luxurious lifestyle or marital bliss, and good physical health. 

Pink Sapphires

A large number of women desire to wear pink diamond engagement rings, but they are very rare; hence very expensive. Fortunately, there are pink Sapphires, which can substitute for pink diamonds. They appear equally stunning and not as expensive as pink diamonds. However if you are looking for affordable engagement or wedding ring consider tungsten.

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