Which are The Best Artificial Intelligence Software Development Tools?

In this modern era, Artificial Intelligence has replaced the simulation of the human intelligence process with devices. AI software development tools play a major role in the business performance of leading enterprises with exactness.

However, the AI software is a compiling entity. Therefore, it needs high-quality development tools with great languages, features, design, configurations, and coding. So, let’s have a look at some of the best Artificial Intelligence software development tools mentioned below. For further info, contact AI Solutions Company.

Microsoft Azure AI Platform:

Invented by Microsoft, Azure is a cloud platform that provides an AI portfolio to days scientists and developers. No more trouble with Microsoft Azure in the matter of flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and security. Anyone can trust Microsoft Azure as an incredible AI developer by closing their eyes.

AI capabilities delivered by Microsoft Azure:

  • Machine learning
  • Knowledge mining
  • Language capacities (for example, machine translation)
  • Speech capabilities (for example, speech recognition)
  • Vision capabilities (for example, object recognition)

Major characteristics of Microsoft Azure:

  • It is a scalable AI software development tool.
  • User-friendly and known for delivering browser-based explanations of problems.
  • With Microsoft Azure, you can deploy models in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge.
  • It is pretty cost-effective.
  • It contains a drag and drop system. So, very easy to use.
  • The languages of Azure include C, C++, C#, Visual basic, etc. On the other hand, it uses tools like Visual Studio, ASP.NET, etc.
  • Microsoft Azure is established based on Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) that is known for providing high-quality security and safety.
  • With Microsoft Azure, you can safeguard consecutive services even in times of disaster.

Infosys Nia:

Another enterprise-grade platform is Infosys Nia, famous for streamlining the AI adoption voyage, especially for IT and businesses. This developer tool provides self-learning privileges where the AI team doesn’t necessarily have to include data science experts. Developers with minimal effort and knowledge can easily get their hands into Infosys Nia.

AI capabilities delivered by Infosys Nia:

  • Predict revenue in advance
  • Deduct the number of economic transaction corruptions
  • Optimized investments efficiency
  • Provides in-depth understanding into consumers behavior
  • Simplify the customer inquiry process

Major characteristics of Infosys Nia:

  • Infosys Nia prediction servers can stream very fast forecasts.
  • From data preparation, machine learning procedures to visualization, Infosys Nia is comprehensive.
  • The GUI-based features of Infosys Nia facilitate the AI software development team to establish perfect ML models.
  • It contains a self-service provisioning feature that enables elastic cloud deployment.


Cortana is our second AI development tool developed by Microsoft. It is a virtual assistant that helps users with various activities. From setting reminders, asking questions, sending messages, to making phone calls- everything is possible with Cortana. It is available in Windows, iOS, Android, etc.

AI capabilities delivered by Cortana:

  • Voice capabilities (voice recognition)
  • Uses Bing search engines

Major characteristics of Cortana:

  • From turning on the AC to set a reminder- Cortana covers everything.
  • Windows, iOS, Android, etc., support Cortana.
  • It can take voice inputs.
  • It supports so many languages.


It is an Artificial Intelligence library full of AI knowledge. If you are in an AI team, you can select open to solve your problems related to AI. The entire opening is written in C++ language, incorporating both mathematical models and databases.

AI capabilities delivered by OpeNN:

  • Time series forecast
  • Pattern distinction
  • Function degeneration
  • Optimal shape design
  • Optimal control
  • Inverse issues

Major characteristics of OpeNN:

  • open delivers lots of support to the users. The supports delivered by OpeNN include enriched information, tutorials, etc.
  • It makes users understand everything about AI and makes them string AI developers.
  • Open apparatuses the procedure of data mining by associating plenty of processes.
  • It gets made using C++ language. Hence, it provides high speed, great memory management, etc.
  • OpeNN is a neutral AI library that provides high performance each time. It is super user-friendly as well.


If you want your business to get flourished soon, the BigML machine learning platform is perfect for you. As the name suggests, BigML mainly focuses on ML, its development, its algorithm, etc. The reason behind BigML’s success is its offering of interpretable and exportable data.

AI capabilities delivered by BigML:

  • A great consumable, programmable, and scalable machine language (ML) platform
  • Time series forecasting
  • Cluster analysis
  • Anomaly detection
  • Regression
  • Assassination discovery
  • Topic modeling

Major characteristics of BigML:

  • It is an easily programmable and repeatable AI software developer tool.
  • It supports various machine languages such as Python, Ruby, Node.js, Java, Swift, etc.
  • BigML assists users in automating their predictive modeling tasks.
  • It contains a strong security feature. Therefore, you don’t have to get worried about your sensitive data with this tool.
  • BigML has high-quality privacy characteristics.
  • With BigML, deploying your AI apps in your preferable place depends on you. You can either deploy apps on the cloud or on-premises as the deployment is flexible here.
  • It has a smart format and configuration that enables users to scale their apps without any complications.


Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding, popularly known as Caffe, is an AI software developing tool. It has gained popularity for providing users an imaging-based automatic inspection tool. This developing tool comprises machine languages like C++ and Python.

  • AI capabilities delivered by Caffe:
  • Provides high-speed
  • Great at memory management
  • Great modularity
  • Incredible expressiveness

Major characteristics of Caffe:

  • Caffe uses C++, Python, and other high-level languages. So, it is good at memory management.
  • Caffe provides high speed.
  • It contains extensible code, which is beneficial for active development.
  • Caffe has an expressive architecture.
  • An active team is constantly working on Caffe to improve its quality effectively.


With these, the article has come to an end. These were brief descriptions of some of the leading Artificial Intelligence software development tools. Hopefully, you have found these tools helpful. Do extensive research, draw an abstract sketch of your requirements, and only choose the best AI software development tool for yourself. Remember, selecting the perfect AI development tool will effectively increase your overall performance in the business field.

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