When Should Kids Start Quran?

by Lisa Vincent
When Should Kids Start Quran?

Would you like your children to grow up following the path of Islam? Is it important to you that your children know everything about Islamic teachings? Are you a new parent who is unsure when and how to start teaching your children about Islam and Quran?

If you are facing any of the above dilemmas or something similar, do not worry. We are here to help you find solutions to all your problems. We can aid you in understanding the correct and effective ways to follow that will make it easy for both you and your child to become familiarized with the Holy Quran.

There are a few great options. For instance, sending your child to an Islamic school is a great option. Guidance International School is one of the Best Islamic English Medium School in Gulshan, Bangladesh, and will help build a bright future for your children.

Let us now enlighten you with tips on enriching your children’s knowledge of the Quran from a very young age.

When Should Kids Start Quran? An Effective Guide.

In this section, we will dive into some effective methods we have learned from thorough research and practice. These methods help children to become familiar, comfortable, and lovingly learn Quran. We hope our approaches will help you and your child too.

1.    Teach Quran When They Learn To Speak

As the heading says, you can teach your children the Quran as they or as soon as they learn to speak. We do not mean to teach or even expect them to read it. Or even memorize long verses. No! This approach is pretty simple.

Quran consists of a lot of verses or simple words that Muslims use on a daily basis. Such as Bismillah, Alhamdulillah, Astagfirullah, etc. you can teach your child these words as daily vocabularies, and it will become an act of habit for them.

2.    Teach them the Alphabets

To know how to read Quran, the children must be familiar with the alphabet. Thus, when you teach your child Alphabets in your mother tongue or English, simultaneously, teach them Arabic alphabets. This way, they will become familiar with the language, at least the written the Arabic language.

3.    Play Surah’s

Due to the availability of the usage of the Internet, we can find anything and everything. You can use that to your advantage and download beautifully recited surah’s of the Quran.

When you and your child are doing some fun activity, such as coloring, you can put on Surahs. They will learn to listen and enjoy.

Furthermore, it is scientifically proven, children can learn and memorize almost anything simply from hearing it. So, your child might catch up and end up learning some surah’s.

4.    Teach Them the Essentials

Do not procrastinate or hesitate to teach your child all the basics of the Quran. This means you can teach them the Kalimahs, the stories narrated in the Quran, the importance of the Holy Book, and basically, the historical narrative of Islam. They will become quite interested as children love stories.

5.    Practice Yourself

We all know children love to mimic and follow the actions of adults. They will do everything they observe their parents do; thus, if you want your children to learn and follow the Quran. You must show them you are doing it too.

Also, read the Quran in front of and with them. Ask them politely to keep you company in the meantime; soon enough, they will be intrigued and will voluntarily want to learn too.

6.    Choose Islamic Schools

We understand how harrowing this responsibility can be. Therefore, we highly recommend you to admit your child to an Islamic school, such as Guidance. Islamic schools have trained professionals and all the sources that will help your child learn Quran correctly. You will not have to worry about doing any of it wrong, as trained teachers will be taking care of it all.


To sum it all up, it is a wise decision to teach your children the Quran. Children are more intrigued and willing to learn new things. They also have the mental capacity to learn a new language, as the Quranic language will be a new language for them. They will not find it too tiresome and will also enjoy the process.

However, we must warn you that you must be patient as your child learns the Quran. It is important to teach the Quran and all about it in a loving and healthy manner. They will only love to learn and practice the Islamic way of life if they are taught it in a beautiful manner.

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