When Do You Need To Hire A Florida Slip And Fall Lawyer?

If you have met with a slip and fall accident in Florida and have been injured, you might be thinking about starting a personal injury lawsuit. After being injured on someone’s property in Florida, it is sensible to analyze your options for claiming compensation for your damages. It is especially valid in case the property owner’s negligence in connection with the accident is evident. It is up to you to decide whether to file a claim with the insurer of the property owner or to move to court with the matter via a personal injury lawsuit with the help of a Florida Slip and Fall Lawyer.

If you delay in filing your claim, your right to get compensated if the property owner can prove that you bear some amount of responsibility for the slip and fall accident.

If the property owner proves that the accident was caused due to your miscalculation, there is no case. Conversely, if the proprietor is at fault for failing to do safety inspections or for deliberately ignoring hazards, then your case will be valid. To understand which party is at fault and check the legitimacy of your case it is best to speak to a lawyer. An attorney can do a lot to help your case, and thus it is essential to know why and when to hire a Florida slip-and-fall lawyer.

Settling Your Claims With The Insurance Company Hire a Florida Slip and Fall Lawyer

In a slip-and-fall case causing injuries, more often than not, it is unclear as to who is at fault. An insurance company will likely ignore the injured person involved in the accident and it is when a lawyer becomes essential. Their first job in such a situation is to contact the property owner and the insurance company and present their client’s case. An attorney can ensure that the injured party is taken seriously by the insurance company and is compensated properly for their damages.

Proving The Defendant’s Liability

A lawyer can help confirm that the property owner is liable for their client’s losses. Usually, if the defendant was negligent and did not reliably maintain their property, the fault is theirs. You will be questioned by your lawyer about when, how the accident happened, subsequent injury, and the like. For instance, if it is a case of injury caused by falling down the stairs you will have to explain how exactly it happened- what shoes you were wearing, what your precise actions were while on the stairs, etc.

Proving Client’s Damages

A Florida slip and fall lawyer can help determine the cost of damages and help you get the rightful compensation for your losses. When your lawyer puts together your case, they consider lost wages, medical expenses, or ongoing treatment (not covered by health insurance).

Thus getting a Florida slip and fall lawyer is the best option if you want just compensation for your damages without any trouble.

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