What to Consider while Purchasing Kitchen Exhaust Ducting System?

by Hay Den
Factors to while Purchasing Kitchen Exhaust Ducting System

Are you constructing a new restaurant? Or simply renovating the existing dining establishment?

Or is it about your home kitchen where you want to make upgrades?  

The kitchen exhaust ducting system is the vital design aspect in all of these cases. It is integrated to keep the consistent air flowing throughout the kitchen, thereby providing necessary ventilation. Also, having an effective and appropriate ducting system installed in the kitchen keeps the environment clean and healthy.  

Hence, there comes the need to stay informed about the essentials like duct cut-out type, outlet pipe size, budget, and other necessities. Of course, not considering such a thing results in buying an inconvenient and ineffective system. Thus, simply wasting the money. 

So, let us take you through the intricate details that are essential to consider before purchasing a kitchen exhaust ducting system. It will cover everything from duct material type to size and more. 

Let’s begin!!

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Kitchen Exhaust Ducting System

Size of Outlet Pipe

Considering the suitable size of the outlet pipe is essential to keep up with the exhaust’s performance. Usually, the 6-feet pipe is preferred with ducted chimneys. If you are looking for a pipe for household purposes with more than six feet of duct construction, get an extra pipe fixed. 

In addition, consider kitchen exhaust ducting design. For instance, you require optimal airflow but only have a little ceiling area. Here, choose the manufacturer that can supply a system that fits into that space.

Duct Outlet Pipe Material

The quality of every item you own in the kitchen must be of good quality. The same comes with the kitchen exhaust ducting system. When the excess heat is produced, the chances of PVC pipes melting increase. Thus, making the chimney less effective and raising the repair or maintenance costs. 

Here, you can go with the ducts of aluminum or stainless steel. Such materials provide sufficient strength essential and also boost the life of chimneys. Also, stainless steel ducts are capable of withstanding the high temperatures, ensuring pipes do not melt when the high heat is produced while cooking. 

Ensure the material you pick is rust-resistant, so it lasts for a long time and saves you repair or replacement costs. The best material means lesser chances of grease buildups and fire hazards taking place. Thus, increasing the lifespan of the kitchen exhaust system. 

The code compliant for the duct system is either 18-meter stainless steel or 16-meter carbon steel. 

Measure Space for Kitchen Exhaust Ducting System Installation 

The availability of space is one vital factor to consider before purchasing the ducting system. Ensure the space in the kitchen would be able to accommodate the duct. If the space is not sufficient, you need to get the additional brickwork construction done. 

Usually, the ideal duct size is around 6 inches. But before making a purchase, ensure the area would fit in the six inches ducting properly. Additionally, the kitchen chimney size must also be considered. 

There only come two standard sizes for duct chimneys. One is 60 cm and the other is 90 cm. Hence, stay smart when finding the right size.

Outlet Pipe Curves

Another aspect that impacts the kitchen exhaust or simply the chimney efficiency is the bend count the outlet pipe has. If the duct will have more curves, the chances of lesser efficiency will be more. Additionally, there will be increased noise, resulting in frustration when cooking. 

It is recommended to avoid choosing duct outlet pipes with more than 2 or 3 curves. The reasons it is will restrict the exhaustion of fumes, heat, or smoke. Thus, impacting the efficiency and keeping the kitchen air less clean. 

All in all, choose the outlet pipe with minimum bends and small in size. 

Installation and Pricing

Besides all these things, you will need to consider the easy installation of the duct system. Some systems might come with a complex installation process and others may be quite easy. Here, the best one you choose will cut off the need for welding. After all, welding results in hazards in commercial kitchens.

Also, these factors are vital to consider but keeping an eye on your budget while purchasing is also essential. Size, material, and other features impact the cost. Several people think the duct system for commercial kitchens comes expensive. But after doing a thorough research and determining the exact needs, you can easily find a cost-efficient and excellent ducting system. 

Compare the prices before visiting the store or buying online. Also, the installation process influences the cost. This is because you may need professional help to get the ducts installed. Furthermore, other labor requirements like fitters and more can add up to additional expenses. 

Don’t Overlook Maintenance

The kitchen hood, exhaust fan, and ducts, all need efficient cleaning and servicing regularly. However, the proper cleanliness depends on how well you keep the ducts free of buildups, dirt, and grime. As if there is less dirt accumulation, there would be better airflow and fewer efforts to put in cleaning. Besides, letting the grease or dirt build up in the ducting system for a long time can result in fire, smoke, or inefficient airflow.

You can carry out the cleaning either daily or weekly depending on the cooking volume and type. The best you can do is employ the authorized kitchen exhaust cleaning agency after every 6 months or annually. 

Summing Up

To conclude, design is not the only key to efficient kitchen ducting system installation. Or appliance specifications are not sufficient for better performance of kitchen chimneys. How you install the ducts also influences the working of every kitchen appliance.

So, we have come up with all these essential details that you must consider when installing ducts to your commercial or residential kitchen. 

In case, you face installation hassles, get in touch with experienced professionals.

Hope this write-up helps to overcome your confusion over how to purchase an effective ducting system. 

Do let us know your viewpoints in the comments section below!!

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