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Car Tire Pressure

In addition to car insurance, we also have to take into account the importance of tires when driving, they are those that have direct contact with the road, so our safety at the wheel depends largely on them.

Depending on what pressure the tires carry, we will go safer or not. A good pressure can prevent breakdowns, but if the pressure our vehicle has is insufficient, deformations can be generated in the rim, it can increase braking distance, have a more tendency to aquaplaning and even increase fuel consumption. So we must review them once a month and every time we are going to make a long journey.

Knowing the pressure of your tires is very simple

You must unscrew the valve cap and connect the pressure gauge of any gas station, in this simple way you will see what pressure they have. The pressure they have should be compared with the value in bars or psi recommended for your vehicle at auto for trade where you can buy used cars in the United Kingdom.

This information can be found by looking inside the gas tank access door, on the conduit door frame, in the vehicle manual or in the engine compartment. When looking at the tire pressure, you must make sure that they are cold, that is, you must not have traveled more than 3 or 5 kilometers in the two hours before measuring them, since the hot check is not reliable. If in the end you cannot measure them cold, you have to add 0.3 bar to the indicated pressure. 

To know what is the correct pressure for our wheels we must look at the tire pressure table in which we can see, depending on which car we drive, what is the appropriate pressure necessary?

Carrying the tire under inflated makes it more likely that it will get hot and could blow out at any moment. But wearing them very swollen is not good either, the tread wears out much faster, so they will be much more vulnerable when driving on bad road surfaces.

Tips for your tires to have good pressure

We have already seen the importance of having good tire pressure, if we do not take care of ourselves we can end up having to change the tires or get to suffer a car accident. Some of the tips that you can follow to maintain the correct pressure of your wheels are:

  • As we have said before, to know how the tires are we must check them. The most advisable thing would be once a month and especially every time we go to make a long journey by car.
  • Change the valve caps so that the pressure does not go away. The plugs that we use that are of good quality, in such a way we will make sure not to lose pressure while we circulate.
  • To have a perfect pressure if you have a trailer or caravan you must raise the pressure 0.4 bar to the rear wheels.

Once we have reviewed what pressure the tires have and they have the right pressure, we can get into our car and enjoy the trip in complete safety.

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