What are the steps to Get Rid of QuickBooks Error 100

by joshua weissman
QuickBooks Error 100

QuickBooks Error 100 can hinder your task during the working on QuickBooks application that happens due to failure in POS Database Manager that’s why following the error is also knows as QuickBooks point of sale error. The error code is generally related to Point of Sale application which shows an error message on your screen “Error 100 Database server not found 08w01”.

QuickBooks POS application provides various important features including inventory, vendor management and accepting credit cards to make your cash flow more effective so you need to fix this issue as soon as possible and with the help of this blog, you can do so on your own.

Note: To work hassle-free on QuickBooks, we recommend you to fix the error code 100 quickly and to overcome the bug, contact us anytime on 1.855.738.2891and use your accounting application smoothly

QuickBooks is an important tool, it can help QuickBooks desktop with the below aspects:

  1.  It can establish strong strong customer relationships
  2. QB POS can save you time by syncing data with QuickBooks Desktop
  3. The application provides the quick & productive functionality of business operations
  4. Handle Inventory management and ringing-up sales

What Are the Causes of QuickBooks Error 100

  1.  Due to low system resources
  2.  POS database manager is not able to run properly
  3.  Your Computer system does not the minimum system requirements
  4. Damaged Microsoft .NET Framework

Tackle QuickBooks Error 100 in Effective Steps

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Solution 1.

  1. Click on OK when the error message displays on the screen
  2. Restart the system
  3. Click on point of sale and open it
  4. Press Window+R on your Keyboard
  5.  Type MSC and go for search
  6. Open OBPOS Database manager vXX
  7.  If still not able to see the Start option, Restart the PC again

Solution 2.

  1. First, switch off the system and open QuickBooks Point of sale
  2.  Reboot the server and wait
  3. Now reboot client workstation
  4. Start QuickBooks POS on the client workstation and it should connect to the QuickBooks POS database file
  5.  It if does, the issue is resolved

As we know now that QuickBooks POS is an important tool to increase the profit of your business through QuickBooks accounting services so you can not take a risk with it. Just go all the above solutions and remove QuickBooks error 100 in a few minutes. However, if any problem persists, dial a toll-free number 1.855.738.2891 and counter the following or any kind other accounting issues instantly.

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