What Are The Signs Of Infertility In Males?

by Alex Timothy
Summary: Male infertility is on a sudden rise and by now every one man in seven is infertile. This not only causes harm to their lives but might affect population growth. Innumerable marriages break every year due to infertile male partners causing emotional damage. Male infertility means a couple won’t be able to conceive a child even if they have sex two times per day. This issue can be the result of several factors that you might not know. The major contributing ones are unhealthy lifestyles and stress. If you want to know more about male infertility, read till the end.

What happens when a male’s sexual health is normal?

Sperm is a tiny cell that is produced by a male reproductive system and delivered into a woman’s body. The male body stores sperm and transfers it during ejaculation. The production of sperm is dependent on the hormonal levels of the body. 

Males have two testicles that produce testosterone which is recognized as a male sex hormone and sperm. These testicles are present below the penis and are made up of skin. 

The tube that transfers the sperm from testicles is the epididymis. Sperm starts its journey from testicles to the epididymis to vas deference and finally out of the male body. 

At the climax when a man ejaculates the sperm is mixed with the fluid and forms semen. From the urethra, this semen is released out of the body. 

Male fertility is nothing but about making healthy sperm and the capability to deliver them. If the sperm is delivered to the female vagina, it travels through the fallopian tube and might meet the egg. 

If it meets egg the fertilization takes place. Remember this entire system goes well only if the male body has proper genes, hormone level, and environment. Also, erectile dysfunction can affect this system and you have to consume Cialis 60mg

What are the factors that lead to male infertility?

Having a healthy sexual process depends on a variety of factors and conditions. Certain issues can hinder sperm to reach to egg and fertilize it. You might not know but the temperature of testicles can also affect the health of your sperm. Here are some main causes of male infertility:

Having sperm disorders:

This is the problem with the majority of men, as their sperm isn’t mature or they have low sperm count. Male fertility is the result of problems such as deformation in the shape of sperm, not fully grown sperm, sperm that moves oddly, low sperm count, and sperm that are not made right. 

Remember if you have a problem with sperm then you are born with it, but low sperm count is due to your habits. Any damage to your reproductive system can lower sperm count. 

Suffering from varicoceles: 

Swollen veins cause infertility in men. Almost 16 out of every 100 men are suffering from this issue. Varicoceles are more common in infertile men.

This issue interferes with sperm growth by blocking blood circulation. This issue restricts blood flowing from belly to scrotum making testicles warm and low sperm count. 

Retrograde ejaculation:

Have you imagined how it would be when the sperm instead of coming out goes back into your body? The semen while ejaculation moves back to your bladder and the nerves and muscles of the bladder don’t shut while climaxing. 

In this issue, semen contains enough sperm but does not deliver it during ejaculation. Certain surgeries or harm to nerves can lead to nerve harm. Signs to identify it could be dry or flaky ejaculations. 

Immunological issues and obstructions:

Antibodies in the male body can harm the sperm in certain cases. Surgeries produce antibodies that pose an infection threat. All though everything is normal there are possibilities antibodies lower fertility. Many times repeated infections block tubes that deliver sperm and cause blockage. This blockage results in infertility.  

Imbalance in hormonal levels:

Pituitary glands produce hormones that can affect the level of sperm in the body. Low hormone levels can also cause deformities in sperm. Consume Viagra 150mg to maintain testosterone level. 

Side effects of certain medications

Medications for issues such as arthritis, depression, anxiety, digestive issues, infections, cancer, and high blood pressure can pose a threat to your reproductive health. 

What are the symptoms of infertility?

The major symptom or indication of infertility of a man is not able to conceive. There are no evident symptoms. 

But the reasons behind infertility such as obstruction to veins, hormonal imbalance, nerve damage, or ejaculation might cause certain evident symptoms by blocking sperm. Here are some of them:

  • Issues in their sexual cycle such as difficulty in ejaculation, degradation in desire, or erection issues.
  • Swelling or pain in testicles
  • Breast growth
  • Lower sperm count in tests
  • Decreased hair both facial and pelvic area


Male infertility is a serious concern in the entire world and you can prevent it by adopting a healthy way of living. You must maintain distance from habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, and physical inactivity to maintain good reproductive health. 

Make sure your immune system is ok to get rid of unnecessary infections. Make sure you are away from pesticides and eat healthily. Consult your doctor if you feel signs of infertility. 





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