What are the objectives of Cybersecurity?

by Sanchit Mehta
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The information system is commonly described by overall data and software resources of an organization making it viable to store or circulate them. The information system is an essential asset of the company, which must be protected. Information security is the security of information, usually organizations or companies, including in IT systems. Cyber security is part of the Information Security of any organization.

Cyber security, in general, is about ensuring that an organization’s hardware or software resources are used only for their intended purpose.Many institutes provideCyber security Course in UK.

IT security generally has five main goals:

  • The integrity, that is to say, guarantee that data are those believed to be;
  • The confidentiality, namely to ensure that only authorized people have access to resources exchanged;
  • The availability, to maintain the proper functioning of the information system;
  • The non-repudiation, to ensure that a transaction can not be denied;
  • The authentication, namely to ensure that only authorized people have access to resources.


The confidentiality is to make the information unintelligible to others as the only players in the transaction.


Checking data integrity consists of determining whether the data has not been altered during the communication (accidentally or intentionally).

The availability

The purpose of availability is to ensure access to a service or resources.


The non-repudiation of information is no guarantee of the corresponding can deny the transaction.


The authentication is to ensure the identity of a user, that is to say, to ensure that everyone correspondents that his partner is the one he believes. Access control can allow (for example by means of a password which must be encrypted) access to resources only to authorized persons.

Well-known hackers are mostly cyber security experts. They study how different IT systems are built to find weaknesses in them and use them to benefit, whether financially or for other purposes.

Need for a comprehensive approach

The security of a computer system is often the subject of metaphors. Indeed, it is regularly compared to a chain, explaining that the security level of a system is characterized by the security level of the weakest link. Thus, an armored door is unnecessary in a building if the windows are open to the street.

This means that the cyber security must meet the perquisites of global context and take into account the following aspects particularly:

What is networking?

The purpose of networking is to make it possible to establish a connection between all the stations in an establishment. There are several ways to achieve this result.

The stations can all be connected one after the other by a single cable which runs through the various elements of the network. It was the type of cabling of our old administrative network.

Conversely, they can each have an individual direct link with the server or an active element (of a switch or hub type) which is itself in direct connection with the network server, or another active element of the same. This is called a star network. You can join Networking Course in Dubai.

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