What are some types of heart surgery?

by ChanChu2020
heart surgery

There are numerous types of heart surgery, and each type is performed based on the condition being treated. Here’s a list of the most common types of heart surgery. Read on to learn more about the procedures and know why they are being done.

Aortic surgery. It is performed to treat people with aortic aneurysm. The latter is a bulge in the aorta, and when it grows too large and eventually bursts, it can be dangerous. So, immediate treatment is needed as early as possible.

Open abdominal/open chest repair and endovascular repair are the two main types of aortic surgery. The first one is the most common type yet the most invasive. The weakened area of the aorta is replaced with a graft or tube.

On the other hand, endovascular repair involves the insertion of a stent-graft into the aorta to support the weakened artery wall. This procedure, however, cannot repair all aneurysms. Thus, it is best to consult with a heart surgery specialist to know which surgery is best for the patient.

Congenital heart surgery. Surgery may be needed for people who were born with a heart defect if it comes with life-threatening symptoms. Common congenital heart defects include holes in the heart and narrowed valves.

Open congenital heart surgery in Singapore may be done to close the holes in the heart, repair heart valves, widen the arteries, and repair complex defects.

Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). This procedure is performed to improve the blood flow of the heart, especially to people who have severe coronary heart disease. A heart surgeon in Singapore may likewise consider doing it if the patient experiences severe chest pain caused by the narrowing of arteries or when the left ventricle isn’t functioning well.

CABG, however, comes with risks and complications as it is open-heart surgery. Possible complications may include bleeding, kidney problems, memory loss, or stroke. It is always best to discuss this matter with a heart surgery specialist to help the patient prepare for it.

Heart transplant. A heart transplant is done by a heart surgeon in Singapore to replace a failing heart with a healthier heart. This operation, however, is not suitable for everyone. Several factors, such as age, attitude, and overall health, are considered to determine if one can be a candidate for a heart transplant.

A heart transplant usually lasts for around four hours, and a heart-lung machine is placed on the patient to keep the blood circulating throughout the body. The surgeon removes the heart and makes sure that the pulmonary vein opening and the back wall of the left atrium remain intact. And afterwards, the healthy heart is stitched into place. The heart-lung machine is removed from the patient once the new heart starts beating.

Finding a doctor for heart surgery

Looking for a heart specialist in Singapore? Be sure to find the most experienced and trusted ones. Ask for referrals from your insurance providers or read medical reviews online. Heart surgery is a major operation; hence, it is necessary to find a surgeon whom you can fully trust.

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