What are bird mites and how they harm humans

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Bird mites can be found in close proximity to birds and their nests. Bird mites are parasitic and require a host to survive. Bird mites can infest your home if the young birds go to the nest. Because they are small, they can easily enter your home through windows and doors. Pest Control Canberra

They can spread the disease through bites that can cause itching or rash. You may also develop skin lesions from scratching and itching. If you find bird mites in your home, contact a Canberra-based expert to remove them.

Bird mites love to live in moist and humid places and are most active in spring and early summer.

Bird mites can be spread to humans when birds abandon their nests. The mites then have no host and are left to fend for themselves. You may be at risk of them entering your home looking for food. If you suspect that your home is infested with mites, it is important to immediately contact a professional Canberra bird control company for an inspection, removal of nests and treatment. Bird Removal Canberra

How do bird mites survive?

Many people don’t know that bird mites are sometimes called chicken mites. To survive and thrive in bird nesting materials, they eat the blood of birds. They can multiply rapidly and die within three weeks of not receiving a blood meal from their bird hosts. They may also enter your home if they see you.

Don’t ignore them! Hire a professional bird control Canberra company.

Get Rid Of Bird Mites In 3 Steps!

First, identify.

Proper identification of mites is essential in order to determine the best way to control mite infestations.

The second step is to find and eliminate bird nests.

Identifying and removing bird nests are the best way to manage an infestation.

To prevent mites from spreading, gloves and masks should be used when removing nests. A professional bird nest removal company is recommended if you wish to avoid all of this.

Nests may be found:

  • In roof spaces
  • In chimneys and around eaves
  • In basements surrounding porches
  • In cavities in walls
  • On window ledges

The third step is prevention and elimination

Repair damaged tiles and fill in roof cavities with eaves to stop birds from taking over houses.

Use an approved insecticide to treat the area, such as a powdered insecticide or a surface spray, in order to get rid of bird mites.

Hire a licensed bird remover Canberra company if the nesting material is difficult to access or spread over large areas.

What is the impact of bird mites upon humans?

Bird mites eat humans but will not live off them as they require birds for their entire life cycle. Infestations that aren’t caused by birds or nesting can be self-limiting if they are eliminated.

Bird mite bites can cause severe itching and swelling as well as raised reddish marks on the skin. Injecting saliva during feeding can cause discomfort and secondary infections.

Even though they are only temporary, they can cause serious discomfort for you and your family. Professional bird removal Canberra companies can remove nesting and mites from your home.

Tips to Avoid Bird Mites

  • Applying an insect repellent containing diethyl meta-toluamide (DEET) or 3-methyl-n-diethylbenzamide is considered the best strategy to avoid bird mite attacks.
  • Bite irritation can easily be treated with an anti-itch lotion or cream.
  • There are some people who will feel the mites crawling onto their skin.

Hire a professional pest control Canberra company to rid your home of all insects.

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