Warcry interviews Pirates’ Content Director on creating a virtual Caribbean

by Jacinto Thomason

-text c-gray-1″ >Lots of the talk about Pirates lately has been about game specifics, but in interviewing FLS’ content director, Warcry has taken a different path– they’ve gotten into the historical basis and influence of the virtual Caribbean that we’ll all be sailing around in come January.

The list of pirate influences on the game is impressive– they’ve got everything from Monkey Island to Horatio Hornblower on there. And they’ve got a lot of historical accuracy as well– just as there was no real authority in the real pirate-filled Caribbean of days past, FLS wants to make it so that there is no authority in this one, either. Carry a ship full of valuables, and risk losing them all. Real-life historical figures will also make an appearance (both Kidd and Blackbeard are mentioned), and just like in real-life, wind is a major factor when sailing around (though in my experience, wind was more frustrating than anything– it makes strategy in battles fun, but when I was just trying to sail somewhere, not having the wind at my back was a real pain).

Nice to hear about all the influences FLS is putting into the game. A couple of your intrepid Massively writers are set for a press tour of the game later today, so hopefully we’ll get a chance to see the other, non-historical side of the game: the supernatural endgame elements.

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