Using Deliveroo Clone to Launch Food Delivery Business

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deliveroo clone

Launch your food delivery Startup with eDeliveryApp’s Deliveroo Clone

If you plan to start a new food delivery business similar to Deliveroo or plan to build a Deliveroo Clone business in the year 2022 then continue reading more about the details of how you can start your Deliveroo Clone business and also why launching your deliveroo clone business using edeliveryapp’s food delivery software suite will be the best option for you. The current generation is born with smart phones in their hands and with smart phone comes phone apps that allows todays generation to order anything with only a tap of fingertip.

This generation of phone apps and technology has caused a huge spurt in online ordering businesses and same has happened with food delivery businesses. In the last decade there has been a huge growth in online food delivery businesses as people have started ordering more and more from their phones for home delivery instead of going out to eat. One of smart ways for entreprenuers to take advantage of this booming food delivery business growth is to simply copy the exact same business model of one of the top successful food delivery companies like deliveroo with their own branding, software and staff and this is called deliveroo clone business. Note that it is completely legal to copy another business model till the time you are not infringing on anyone’s specific copyrights so basically you can copy the high level business workflow and model however you cannot copy their logo or business uniform or exact same content from their wbesites etc.

Who is eDeliveryApp

edeliveryapp is a provider of complete online food delivery software suite and have been in business for more than 7 years. Our Deliveroo Clone is ISO 9001:2015 certified software product with all the main features a business like deliveroo has. So let us look below what features our Deliveroo Clone has:-

Features and Workflow of Deliveroo Clone:-

In our Deliveroo Clone your customer can come and land on Deliveroo Clone website and Android/iOs Apps and do a search for restaurants around them using their current location, geolocation or postcode/area name. After searching for restaurants the customer can also filter restaurants based on cuisine, delivery fees, offers, ratings and reviews etc. After selecting their preferred restaurant users can go to the restaurant menu and add products to cart with all types of addons and sides along with the main food item. Customer can create accounts with mail or phone with OTP or social media logins and then place order.
When order is placed it comes to the restaurant owners order management app or restaurant owners web backend from where the restaurant owner or manager can accept or reject the order and update time for order pickup.
After the food order is accepted then it comes to dispatch management backend to be assigned to the delivery team members. The delivery partners get the orders assigned as tasks based on their distance from the restaurants and customers. The delivery partners can also accept or reject the orders/tasks that are sent to them, they can see the order details, view routes to customers location etc. from their dispatch app.
Customer can also view the drivers location live once they start on delivery.
Admin can manage the entire system, all users and have an eagle eyes view of all the happenings in his business.

The main Modules of Deliveroo Clone are:-

Frontend Website with super admin backend, restaurant backend & Dispatch Management Backend.
Android & iOS Apps for the Customers.
Android & iOS Apps for Restaurant Owners
Android & iOS Delivery Guy Apps.

You can contact us today to get your Deliveroo Clone business live in 7 days guaranteed. We also provide Pizza ordering System

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