Useful Tricks To Prepare Your Dog For Your First Born Arrival

by Alice Brainna

Holding the stick showing the positive sign is the happiest of moments for a couple. When you find out that you are pregnant you feel excited, conscious, nervous, and perhaps a whirlpool of the emotional loop. The feelings are mutual when you are about to adopt a pet too. But if you already have a pet, then as a pet owner you might feel more anxious than the regular expected parents. The reason? You want your pet to get along with the baby. 

With the right sort of planning and training, you can make your pampered pet transition smoothly with the new change. Being a dog owner you already have had him trained despite a free household. But once the baby arrives, a whole new set of guidelines must be followed even by your dog. 

Several pet owners call their dogs “our baby” and they do love them like one but once the attention is about to be diverted with the pregnancy, make sure your pet feels okay about this. 

After the big change, many dog owners have little time to spend with their dogs so you need to ensure they still have a special place in your life and family. Here’s what you can do to make sure your dog gets along with the baby’s arrival. 

Pre-Arrival of the Baby

Dogs have 6th sense. They can phish out the emotions and mood swings like a needle in the haystack. So they will be able to detect the slightest of changes in your mood too after you come to know you are expecting. A significant amount of change occurs before a baby is even born. You need to get started with the dog crates and pens and train your dog properly beforehand so that your pet’s behavior doesn’t become a problem. 

Familiarize with Baby Stuff

You need to prepare the nursery, baby-proof the house, adjust the new furniture, and so on. Your dog can act nervous (and will be so) it will be helpful if you accustom them with the baby videos and baby products. 

Smell and visual sense help your dog to familiarize with the concept of a baby’s arrival. So one day when you bring the baby. Also, help your dog become familiar with the baby’s room safety gates, dog crates and pens, and so on. 

New Routine 

Once the baby arrives, you will have a little less time than you used to have. Knowing that your time is going to be preoccupied with the baby you must set a new routine for your dog. It induces playtime, outdoor activities, or any other schedule. Pre-adjust it according to what deems best for you. 

When you exercise, take your dog with you. If going out for a walk, then bring the baby stroller with you so that your dog can make some space for future members of the household. Experts also recommend this practice for pregnant women. Putting a dol inside the stroller will familiarize the dog with the actions and this way you can train the dog too. 


You cannot leave your dog alone at home when you go to deliver your baby. The first few days will be pretty exhausting so you need a reliable source ahead of time to take care of your dog. It’s time for you to enlist your friends, relatives, or even a dog walker to take care of your dog. The best option is to hand over your dog to someone they are already familiar with. 

Once you have brought the baby home, visit your dog, reassurance is the key to keep them from fidgeting.

You can spare even just a few minutes with them after an exhausting day. So remember to take the extra help you can get. 

Baby introduction 

Introduce the baby’s sent first by sending the baby’s blanket or any other piece of clothing. A dog will sniff around it so that once you bring the baby home they do not get unsettled from the sight. 

Remember to greet your dog in a calm manner or they would come running to you the way they usually did. 

The way you act with your pet after the baby’s arrival is important. Therefore you need to resume the routine afterward.  For instance, if you allowed them to sit on your couch let them. But also train them that if they have a baby in arms then the dog is supposed to sit by their foot side. 

It’s important to discipline your dog with a new set of instructions. Some dogs may even find spending time in their crate or pen more than often in the beginning. 

Once the bay growth spurt hits, you can manage more time properly and balance between being parents to a baby and being dog owners. 

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