What You Should Understand About Your Car’s Exhaust? Some Tips To Inspect Any Leakage

by skyautoblogger

Sometimes due to rash driving, the exhaust pipe gets damaged and it causes a lot of unnecessary noise. This noise is uncomfortable and disturbing for us all and we are here today to help you fix it.

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Sometimes the leaks are small and sometimes, they are massive in the exhaust pipe. Leaks can occur due to multiple reasons and each is different in its type. If you do not have any help nearby and you cannot access any other help from an elder, here is all that you need to know.

Before we get into it, make sure that the leak is in the exhaust pipe itself. Because there may be a thousand other things that can go wrong. You have to make sure that it is the exhaust pipe that is damaged. If there is any other wrong thing, it might even be dangerous for you to be using that car. Therefore, be sure first.

You can confirm whether it is an exhaust pipe leak, by crawling under the vehicle, face side up and see.

Once you have confirmed it is the exhaust pipe leak, then you must fix it yourself. There are multiple different ways that you might choose to do it. Here are some of the ways that you might want to try.

Before you get any closer to the exhaust pipe make sure that your car is not n and the exhaust pipe is cool. It is dangerous to be near a hot exhaust pipe.

First, Lift The Car With A Jack.

Slide a trolley underneath the tyres and then you can hike the height of the car. This allows you to get underneath it comfortably.

Once you have got under the vehicle, here are the following steps that you need to do to make it better.


It is best if you have good protective equipment such as gloves and safety goggles. If you don’t, then find whatever eye and hand protection you can find around your house.

Make sure to also use a good quality mask so that you do not inhale the dust and dirt that we are about to meddle with.

The first and foremost importance is to be given to the protection of your body.

Clean The Exhaust Pipe’s Damaged Area

First, use a rough brush. Because of the position of the exhaust pipe it usually gets into a lot of dirt and mud. First, clean them all from the pipe.

Once you have cleaned the pipe and the area around the damage, find some sandpaper. What usually happens is that if the pipe has been damaging the surface around it also absorbs the blow.

Find Exhaust Repair Tape

This is a necessary thing to have if you want to cure the damage for a considerable amount of time.

Once you have smoothened and cleaned the area around the damage, wrap the area in repairing tape.

Leave that tape on the damaged location for some time before you use your car again. If you are not sure whether a tape can hold it together, you can also use an epoxy mixture.

Mix the two parts of epoxy and apply the mixture to the damaged location with a wooden spatula. Never put your hand in uncured resin.

Therefore for an inexperienced person, repair tape is the safest option.

If you do want help with the process, feel free to contact car repair Bolton. They can fix the damage for long time usage. They have the professional help that you need. However, if you cannot access the help, let this article guide you.

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