Types of Custom Made Medals Explained

by sying she

A medal is an item of honor that is usually given as awards. It has a rich history that can be traced back in Italy in the 1400s, but it is still widely used at present by various organizations to commemorate different accomplishments and special events, among others. 

In Singapore, for instance, medals are common in many events and activities. Some organizations even use custom made medals to make them more special. If you are planning to invest in these accessories, then here are different kinds of medals that are utilized for a wide array of purposes. 

Award medals

These custom made medals are utilized by various companies to commemorate the achievements, years of service, and goals of their personnel. By doing so, they boost the morale of employees and in turn, inspire them to do better. Overall, medals that are used for these purposes are great when it comes to tapping a company’s full potential. 

Sports medals

In addition to trophies, custom made medals are widely utilized in the sports industry. Regardless of the nature of the sport: endurance, strength, team, combat, and so on; winning a medal is one of the reasons why athletes compete at the highest level.

Running medals

Running events are popular across Singapore and here, running medals are awarded to individuals who finished or even participated. They are cherished rewards for the hard work that they endured prior to the said events. 

Military medals

Military medals are both rewards as well as decorations. They are usually given to military personnel who went out their way to show acts of heroism, bravery, and devotion to their service. Also, military medals are given to the said personnel who have attained a high level of achievement. 

Survivor medals

Survivor medals are special medals that are given to resilient individuals who have overcome illnesses (like cancer), abuse, and other untoward episodes in their lives. In these cases, medals are used as symbols of strength, determination, courage, sacrifice, and the like. 

Summing up

Medals are great encouragement to individuals since it makes them feel that their hard work is valuable and necessary. Take these qualities to a whole new level with customized medals. They can make special awards in many events, gatherings, and other occasions more special. 

So, if you are looking for custom made medals that are going to suit a particular occasion, event, or achievement then you should look for a reputable company that can carefully and extensively craft medals to perfection.

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