Top Call Center Companies in Pakistan that hire Fresher

by Samad Siyal
best call center in pakistan

With the sharp pickup in demand after the lockdown lows. Most of the ongoing financial year’s campus hiring would have been concluded, because of anticipation of better growth and rising demand for skills in emerging areas of the industrial market. Pandemic is said to be the reason behind these highs and lows in the business world.

We are still battling the economic impact of the pandemic. End-to-end online recruitment and career solution providers understand the challenges recruiters address while hiring freshers and experienced people in different fields in the market.

Whereas, hiring for most mid and large-sized organizations has lowered overall costs in the end. Giving the significant hard and soft costs associated with turning over a role in business, they are lowering the turnover rate to retain their workforce as much possible as vital. 

So, in today’s time, if you are a fresher and want to start up your career. Working in a call center jobs environment would never disappoint you. It’s one of the bests places to give a boost to your career and gain sharp skills while making money and gaining noticeable experience. What else a fresher could ask for to take this profession as a part-time or full-time job or can even pursue it as a serious career job. No doubt, it does have doors to success.

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So, here is the list of some of the top companies where you are more than welcome to start your career.

List of top 10 fresher Hire Call Centers

Ascend PBO

Ascend PBO’s diverse portfolio of services includes healthcare PBO, database management & administration, business intelligence, application development for desktop, web, and mobile platform & search engines optimization (SEO) services.

Export Hub – (Karachi)

Launched in March 2017, Export hub is a B2B platform designed to assist the buyers in meeting the most authentic suppliers from all over the world. For the buyers and sellers, the Export hub provides the Gold, VIP, and standard services based on their needs and requirements with each category offering unique services to the customers.

Stone shed Premiere care – (Islamabad)

They are a business processing outsourcing company. The stone shed is now established as one of the market leaders of the PBP industry.

BPO Experts – (Lahore)

BPO experts combine customers services expertise and business intelligence to catalyst change and deliver results.

Rumour Marketing – (Karachi)

Tensible helps dynamic organizations implement contemporary engagement models that enable their customers, employees or other stakeholders to experience reality in high definition.

Cenit Inc – (Karachi)

As they say ‘’we never have to ask them to do something twice, and they are an overall joy to walk with’’. It’s the state of the business solution providers for small and medium-size corporations to ensure sustainable growth and maximum profits.

Intellicom Solutions – (Rawalpindi)

Intellicome solutions provide high-quality and cost-effective solutions in all areas of customer care services to outsourcing companies in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and many other countries where English is the national spoken language.

Cappersoft – (Lahore)

Our superhuman intelligence force is trained to help data scientists, developers, researchers, and tech companies to master the entire AI algorithm with critical tasks that require analytical human decisions.

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