Top 8 Islamic Destinations That Every Muslim Should Visit

by Sitara Gull
8 Islamic Destinations That Every Muslim Should Visit

Travelling is always a great experience and it teaches you a lot of new things in life. You got to know other’s culture, traditions, moral values, cuisines, and many more. It brought a change in you and you start feeling their values as well. Similarly, if you visit Islamic destinations you will surely feel closer to your Allah and you’d be able to connect yourself with those destinations effectively. You can travel anywhere but traveling to Islamic destinations brings you near to your lord. If you want to visit breathtaking countries that offer unique and thrilling experiences, then there are a lot of places that are really enriched with amazing cultures and practices. Traveling is likely to clear your mind from your tough routine. Following are some of the Islamic destinations that Muslims should visit to know more about Islamic history:

  • Mecca/Medina

Mecca and Medina are the holiest places on earth and Muslims from all over the globe visit these sacred places for the purpose of performing Hajj and Umrah. Visiting the House of Allah is almost every Muslim’s keen desire. Mecca and Medina have a lot of religious landmarks that Muslims love to visit whenever they get a chance. Muslims can visit these places by availing themselves of cheap Umrah packages with flights. Ziyarats like Jabal-e-Noor, Cave of Hira, Cave of Saur, Roza-e-Rasool, and much more certainly helps you to endorse the past of Islam.


Istanbul is quite a popular destination for its rich culture and a lot of other exclusive things. This city has the beautiful architecture of mosques, museums, and many more. Tourists love to visit Istanbul and try their cuisines to get enjoy the most of their time. It’s a perfect spot for Muslims who prefer Muslim friendly environment. It is also the city where East and West collide, culturally, traditionally, and religiously.


Al-Quds widely regarded as Jerusalem is the epicenter of the three Abrahamic traditions and is among the holiest places in the world. This place reminds us of the history of the Abrahams lineage. The holy landmarks of the Dome of the Rock, Al-Aqsa Mosque, Western Wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher are located in this city. Visiting Al-Quds would be a great experience and Muslims should at least visit it once.

Fez, Morocco

This city is known as the ‘city of saints’. It contains a lot of marks of awliyas like mosques with stunning architectures are built on their names. Its vivacious and dynamic culture is enough to bring excitement and happiness to your lives. It is also one of the ideal destinations for the ones who adore art. Astonishing art museums, historical buildings, and many more things catch the attention of tourists whether they are Muslim or not.


Just like Fez, Cairo is a city with a deep history that offers beautiful places and monuments of mystical pertinence to all mankind. The pyramids present here reminds us of the stories of Prophet Musa (A.S) and Prophet Yusuf (A.S). Cairo is indeed one of the most productive hubs of knowledge in the Islamic world and students come here from all over the world just to study from its different centers and the most famous one is the Al-Azhar University!

Mount Sinai

The Sinai Desert is a zone steeped in history and spectacular landscapes that converge in the county of St Kathrine at the slopes of Mount Sinai. It is also claimed to be the location of Prophet Musa (A.S) to obtain the 10 commandments from Allah. Hiking Mt Sinai is mostly performed nighttime by travelers who climb in the cold evenings to escape days of the extreme desert sun. At the peak of this mountain, there is a mosque and a church where you can pray till the most beautiful sunrise from the desert Sinai.


Mauritania is also renowned as it’s a center of learning and many righteous scholars have lived here. Visiting this country will definitely enrich you with all the rich history in a most comfortable environment. For Muslims, such a path could be invaluable as you would have been given the opportunity to gain wisdom in an atmosphere devoted to the propagation of heritage in its full glory from the cores of the instructors who’ve been empowered by Deen.


It is situated in the southernmost autonomous community in modern Spain. Andalusia is a reminder of the presence of Islam. It contains a number of mosques, palaces, and beautiful parks that illustrate the beauty of this region. Here you can pay attention to your religion and can learn a lot about the flourishing civilization of Islam.

All of the listed destinations are perfect for Muslims to visit anytime. They are not only enriched with Islamic heritage but with a lot of the latest advancements as well. You should visit these places once to deeply grasp the learning of Islam.

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