Top 5 Easy Ways to Dress Up a Classic White Tee for Men

by Ivandrea Ollero

One of the most respected essential parts of a man’s wardrobe and look is a white tee aside from quality shoes, a good haircut, and a beautiful smile. This item is considered to be foundational since it comes in a lot of supply, various style of cuts and weaves for dainty or bizarrely shaped dressers. Since it’s a fundamental piece of the male wardrobe, many guys should get well-accustomed with them at some point. In addition, a white tee is a low-cost staple that everyone can wear and partner with just about anything. 

They can be worn in a casual and formal setting. And when it comes to the weather, there is no struggle with a white tee as you can layer or delayer it when the temperature changes. It’s the safest bet for just about styling anything on your wardrobe. If you have a white tee and you don’t know how to style it, we’re here to help you out! Here are some top tips you can consider when wearing a white tee. 

1. Printed White T-shirt and an Overcoat

Do you love your printed white t-shirt but don’t know how to rock it? Well, an overcoat will be your best friend! Nothing can go wrong with a classic t-shirt and an overcoat. It’s ideal pair and you can definitely rock them in-between seasons, this ensemble provides a timeless beauty with an unexpected twist. Match this with your favourite jeans or trousers, sunglasses, and you’re ready to go! It doesn’t matter what the colour of the outer layer, you will surely stand out among all the men in the room. 

2. White T-shirt on Denim Button-ups 

White t-shirts and denim button-ups are surely perfect for each other! Sounds cheesy, but it’s true. They look good together. If you want your look to have an edge, then put these two together in a room. It’s a winning strategy for men to combine a plain or printed white tee and with a denim jacket or shirt. 

You may notice David Beckham who loves this denim-tee relationship, normally depending on a messy but sloppy look that is most likely more difficult to pull off than it looks. These two pieces won’t expire and it’s not a seasonal trend that will change, they will go a long way. 

If you partner a jacket-scarf pair with a layered white tee and a denim shirt, it will keep you warm when it’s too cold yet you’re rocking solo. On the other hand, when it’s summer, you can roll up the sleeves with a pair of navy chino shorts. These two staples have a great functional value with other pieces in your wardrobe. 

3. White Tee With a Suit 

The white t-shirt is not only matching with denim. If you have the fit right, it will be the ideal companion with a suit. This works if the setting is smart casual, and you don’t want to wear this if it’s a cocktail is the dress code. If you pull this off, it’s one of the easiest and most fashionable looks to throw around when you’re working or have a classy weekend out. Next rule is to tuck it in! If you are wearing a proper suit (except for blazer and chinos combos), you need to tuck in the tee for a clean appearance. Take note, the goal here is to style this in a casual way, not old-fashioned. 

Another thing you should take note is the contrast when you want to rock a white tee with a suit. Make sure that your white tee is paired with suits that give contrast to white. Think about charcoal, grey, navy, black, pastels, or dark green. 

4.  White T-shirt Paired With a Jacket 

Jackets are not only for the working week! You can actually pair your jacket with a white t-shirt if you want to look stylish in your smart-casual dress code and look like you’re overdressed. We recommend that you opt for a navy double-breasted jacket, it doesn’t matter if it’s from a men’s designer clothing shop or from a thrift store, as long as the quality is good. This outfit will surely pass the dress-code entry requirements in every place in your town, and it’s the perfect dress up if you’re grabbing a nightcap with the boys or you have a date with a girl! 

Although a good first choice is a taupe or classic blue jacket, you can also try a charcoal two-piece suit with a white shirt which is the ideal minimalist option for a monochrome look. 

5. White Tee With a Heavy Winter Knit 

It’s true that a white tee is extremely versatile. It doesn’t look good on its own, it will look amazing in almost anything you wish to put on top of it, such as a heavy winter knit. There’s something amazing with combining these two that everyone can’t take their eyes off. Moreover, this will work for black leather jackets. 

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