Tips to help your child increase confidence in challenging Math topics

by Kari Knowles

Math isn’t everybody’s favorite subject. But if your child isn’t showing interest in Math, you might feel worried. 

Aside from achieving decent remarks, you’ll also want to keep your child from feeling burnt out. You don’t want to see them always stressed or upset when working on their Math homework or exercises. 

Try these tips to help your child increase confidence in Math.

  1. Tell them it’s okay to make mistakes. For your child to feel more confident in Math, it’s crucial to not call them out for making mistakes. Committing mistakes is natural. Encourage them instead to answer their homework using any approach they want. You can walk them through different concepts they can use or encourage them to discuss their ideas with you. Make the environment positive and supportive. In Singapore Math online tuition, mistakes aren’t viewed as a bad thing as they’re part of gaining a new understanding.
  1. Acknowledge their efforts. Did you like Math as a student? It’s okay to answer no. But if you just shook your head to this question, then you have all the more reasons to acknowledge your child’s efforts. Praise them for their hard work. Don’t wait for them to achieve perfect marks or become the number one in their class before acknowledging them. And don’t focus on their intelligence per se. Their positive actions are all worth praising. Hearing your compliments helps motivate them to continue working and focusing. 
  1. Encourage your child to believe in themselves. While it’s good if you can assist your child with their homework, it’s even better if your child can learn to work independently. This skill isn’t only beneficial in classrooms, or Math, but it also is valuable in the ‘outside world’. When children are used to working on their own, they also begin to develop trust in themselves. They learn about self-reliance. Even Singapore Math online tuition instructors encourage freedom when children are solving problems. 
  1. Associate Math with positive things. Stay positive when talking about Math to help inspire your children. For young children, use their favorite toys and colorful visuals when explaining numbers and simple math concepts. Sing, dance, and inject humor. Be as creative as you can. Teach your child about the subject not only at home but also when you’re out and about. The grocery and even the park are great places to learn Math. By making learning fun, you also help your child develop an interest in the subject. 
  1. Don’t rush. Never pressure your child to immediately improve their grades. Focus first on reasons why they’re losing interest or are struggling. Case in point, they’re probably afraid of making mistakes. Careless mistakes shouldn’t be encouraged. But making mistakes and continuing to try deserve to be celebrated. Every child’s potential is unique. They may not become mathematicians, engineers, or accountants in the future, but that doesn’t mean they cannot improve their Math knowledge. 

Teach children that making mistakes is healthy, and let them be the ones to teach you sometimes too. Celebrate their little victories and always be flexible when exploring possible solutions. Helping your child increase confidence in Math topics is possible when you also open up your mind and get rid of negative thoughts. 

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