Tips To Avoid Scams When Hiring HDB Renovation Contractors

by Amelia Tan
Tips To Avoid Scams When Hiring HDB Renovation Contractors

With quality renovation work, you can transform the look and feel of a home and commercial space. However, you must select a reliable one among various HDB renovation contractors to ensure that the project is complete in the desired time and budget.

On the other hand, choosing an inappropriate contractor can lead to scams and fraud. Consequently, you have to bear the financial loss, and you end up with damaged properties and improper finishing in the remodeling.

To avoid fraud, one must be familiar with the essential tips that help to hire a reputable renovation contractor. For this reason, we have listed the major ones below in detail. Read to find out!

Things To Consider To Avoid Scams When Hiring HDB Renovation Contractors

Check The Licences

Before hiring a contractor, it is essential to make sure that the contractor got a license from the Housing and Development Board (HDB) or not. Therefore, go through the company’s documentation and certifications to check if the contractor is licensed. Alternatively, one can follow the following steps.

  • Open the HDB website.
  • Go to the “Directory of Renovation Contractors” page.
  • Search the contractor name by selecting the “Company Name” option from the drop-down menu.
  • If the result is found with the same name, it means the contractor is HDB licensed.

By following the above steps, one can easily find out if a renovation contractor is HDB registered or not.

Check The Current Projects

Reputable contractors are always working on multiple projects as their services have a high demand in the market. Therefore, one can enquire if there are any ongoing projects nearby. Afterward, visit the project’s site to see the quality of services provided by the renovation contractor.

Make sure to notice the finishing of the work and the quality of equipment and material used. This way, one can get a better idea about the services of a company. Because you will also get similar quality work if you hire the contractor.

Pay The Contractors In Installments

It is important to break down the total expense into smaller installments and pay them regularly as the project progresses. Although some contractors ask for an advance amount to start working which is fine but don’t pay any other charges upfront. In addition, do not pay the total expense altogether.

One more thing, avoid paying the final installment before the project completion. This way, one can check and make sure everything is implemented as expected and make the payment afterward. Moreover, you can get the amendments done if required, or fix the irregularities before handing the final installment to the contractor.

On the contrary, if you make the final payment in advance, the contractor and the construction team leave the site after completion of work. In such a scenario, if any problems are found after inspection, you have to invest extra money to get them fixed.

Have Contract And Other Declarations In Written

A written contract provides you with confirmation that the renovation contractor will deliver the services as promised. Moreover, it contains all the details about the budget and time frame in which the project will complete. So, if the renovation contractor or the construction team are falling short at any point during the project, they are accountable to answer.

7 Things to Never Say to a Contractor | Freedom MentorAlso, they can’t deny anything that is mentioned in the contract. Furthermore, if there are any amendments in-between the project, they must also be reflected in writing. This way, you can avoid any disputes later on related to budget, completion time, or any other factor.

Get Recommendations From Trusted People

One of the easiest and most effective ways of finding a good HDB renovation contractor is: getting recommendations from friends, family, and social circle. This way, one can avoid wasting time on online forums and brokers to hire a suitable contractor.

Furthermore, you already get to know many things about the renovation contractors like budget, work quality, and their strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, you can get the optimal services from them.

Visit The Contractor’s Office

One must visit the remodeling company office before giving them the tender for a project. Moreover, arrange a proper meeting with the renovation contractor at the company office. This way, you can figure out the legitimacy of the construction company’s business and avoid frauds and scams.

Furthermore, the interaction and communication are more effective with the contractor in person. Hence, avoid contacting the renovation contractors on phone calls, emails, etc. Additionally, talking to them in person provides the opportunity to examine their body language and confidence.

If they can answer your questions comfortably without hesitation, there are high chances that the quality of their services is also satisfactory. However, don’t forget to consider other factors as well.

Don’t Settle With Cheaper Materials

If a renovation contractor offers you the materials for the remodeling project at unbelievably lower prices than the market, it is probably a fraud. Because most of the scammers use this trick to get the tender. But, afterward, they provide cheap and bad-quality construction material that wears down only after a few months and remains of no use.

Although, reputable renovation contractors also provide you services and supplies at good rates because they have good connections in the market. But the price is not as low that it seems too good to be true. Moreover, it is better to pay a few dollars extra to a reputable and credible contractor rather than giving money to a fraud or scammer.


By following the above tips, one can avoid all types of fraud and hire an HDB renovation contractor that provides quality services. It is important to hand over the property to an experienced campaigner. The reason is different commercial and home renovation projects require a considerable investment in terms of both time and money.

However, the best renovation contractors provide you with quality services on a budget as they follow the government guidelines. For this reason, they incorporate the best industry practices and work, keeping the safety of property in mind.

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