Tips for the Best Workout Plan for Football Players

by High School Weightlifting 101
football fitness training program

Today, every elite sport pushes its players to the physical boundaries, and soccer is no different game. Though soccer demands technique and skills but they are not the only important factors. As a football player, you must ensure that you are fit and strong enough to survive 90 minutes on the field without dropping low in intensity and energy. During your football fitness training sessions, you would be trained and guided to work on endurance and strength.

Create a foundation with running

The foremost tip for any best workout plan for football players is that create a base with running. Run and get your heart pumping to enhance your cardio capacity. It will improve the ability of your body to process oxygen easily so that you don’t get tired quickly. You can start with small and increase your workload every day. Try to run farther and faster. 

Focus on interval training

A good football fitness training program would include interval training. If your training program made your cover on an average of 10 kilometers, it would be a combination of backpedaling, walking, moderate running, and sprints. You can sprint the pitch length. You can utilize the progressive overload method and increase cardio capacity, including sprints, and then lower the recovery time. 

Include props such as boundary poles, cones, and speed ladders 

The best workout plan for football players would include boundary poles, cones, and speed ladders. It would help you to develop endurance and agility. You can begin with using five cones and placing them at a distance of 5 meters. Start at the end of the first cone, run to second, back to first, run to third, and back to first. With time add more cones and increase or decrease the distance. 

You can place the boundary pole in a straight line and at a distance—slalom around them without or with the ball to build endurance and agility. 

Compound exercises with higher reps and lower weights

In a football fitness training programdeveloping power and strength is different than developing endurance and abilities. As a footballer, you need to focus on compound movements, including legs, chest, and back. For building cardio fitness along with weight training, increase your number of repetitions but lower the weight. You can also do a shoulder press with a lunge and also ensuring proper form. The compound strength exercise includes multiple muscle groups.

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