Things to do in Philipsburg

Philipsburg provides a wide range of activities for both visitors and residents. The area recognized as a mining town in the 18th century is rich in history, yet today offers far more than mining. Sapphire mining is still a popular tourist attraction in the area. There is a significant amount of things to do in Philipsburg.

You may dine, drink, hunt, and my Montana sapphire in the heart of Philipsburg. While the Philipsburg activities are known for mining your magnificent sapphires from Montana and other valuable gemstones and precious metals, there are many other things to do when visiting Philipsburg. There are great boating, birding, and walking opportunities for those who like the outdoors. Anglers and hunters have several options to fish and hunt. History lovers can find historical places in the nearby ghost towns and abandoned mines.Check out all of the fascinating things to see and do in Philipsburg with Hawaiian Airlines Reservations so you can see as much as possible during your stay. You’ll quickly learn that bigger isn’t always better!

Fun things to do while in Philipsburg

Gem Mountain– The Gem Mountain Sapphire Mine is located around 20 kilometers from Philipsburg on the Skalkaho highway. While you clean and sift your gravel bucket and look for local sapphires in the warmer months of the year, take advantage of the fresh air.

Montana Gems of Philipsburg

Montana Gems’ sapphires and other gems with a flowing water stream This family attraction sell Montana Sapphires gravel from two different Montana Saphire mines. Mine your stone or take it about with you, and while you’re looking for gems, all of the kids will give you a free geode.

These local sapphire mining firms in Montana also have friendly employees that can help you analyze your gemstones and estimate the worth of heat treatment and cutting.

Granite County Museum– Take a minute to visit this interesting museum, which provides a comprehensive picture of late-nineteenth-century silver mining activity. Original mining equipment, old photographs, a mining cottage, and a realistic mine simulation are displayed. The Granite County Museum also featured exhibits about venturing and farming.

Granite Ghost Town– Naturally, gold and silver mining has booms and busts, leaving Montana with a plethora of spiritual cities to explore. The Miner’s Union Hall, the House of the Mining Superintendent, and mineral housing remain in this magnificent city, administered by the National Park System of Montana. Granite Ghost Town is open during the mild winter months for snow removal.


In Philipsburg, there are many lovely and diverse boutiques. A well-known sweet emporium offers Montana’s best hand-crafted sweets, as well as several antique stores, jewelry, and other items.

Whether you’re looking for a souvenir from your vacation in Montana, Montana sapphires, western and Montana jewelry, a mine for your Montana sapphires, high-quality candies and chocolates, or interesting antiques that may tell a story in and of themselves, Philipsburg has the store for you.

Opera House Theatre

The Opera House Theatre Group focuses on comical works and vaudeville-style entertainment. This ancient theatre has been restored and now hosts a variety of interesting summer shows.

Fishing– With several lakes and streams in Philipsburg, MT, and the surrounding region, you’ll find the ideal place for fishing.

Great Bay Beach– This is one of the most beautiful beaches you’ll see on your East Caribbean cruise. And it’s by far the best deal. Only a few minutes away are excellent beverages, cuisine, and shopping.

Don’t miss out on seeing this beautiful city and island.

Old Street– Take a short stroll to Phillipsburg and the Boardwalk by crossing Front Street. The island’s stunning architecture and vibrant colors make shopping more enjoyable. There are a lot of individuals and a lot of little shops where you can find everything. That is a lovely tiny home. If you want to observe people, get a quick bite to eat or a refreshing drink. Ensure that you’re stopping here!

Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit– It’s well worth a visit. The Yoda Guy is the person who created Yoda and many other characters in the film. He lives in St. Maarten with his wife and signs the paintings he purchases. We spent two hours visiting this museum last year. We were relieved to discover that he had survived the destruction. They rushed back and forth after we spoke with him.

Dining in Downtown Philipsburg– Another recommended approach, led by the senses, should be used during this voyage. Philipsburg has a distinct hometown flavor, thanks to the numerous tourists that frequent local cafes in the area. The majority of the city’s attractions are within walking distance on both sides of Broadway Street.

Ski Discovery– The Discovery Ski Area has three distinct faces. The mix of sloping pathways and sophisticated cruisers in the front is ideal. There is more steep grooming and mogul skiing off the Granite chair than ever before. How about the backside? Imagine the Chugach without the costly helicopter ride. To put it another way, we have a lot of scenery. Regardless matter whatever mountain you favor, you discovered it.

Bike Park

The Discovery Bike Park is a challenging and enjoyable course for intermediate and advanced riders. Riders will enjoy a climb to the park with hair-raising descents and many tracks for those looking for a warm-up.

Rides, bridges, jumps, logs, and drops are among the attractions. The park is well maintained to eliminate jarring ruts and washboards for a true pro-style experience.

Horseback Trail Rides

Rides along the route are wonderful to unwind with friends and family while seeing the gorgeous Montana Rocky Mountains. Then get some friends or family out of town and spend some time in nature!

The Bottom Line

Philipsburg is a base camp of the Montana Great Outdoors from thermal springs to ski resorts and a huge reservoir popular with boaters. Philipsburg’s popularity is re-emerging. Sweet and sapphire both have a role to perform. The attractively renovated city center with shops, restaurants, and the brewery is also within walking distance.With Hawaiian Airlines Flight Booking, find your next Montana authentic adventure!

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