Things To Consider While Buying A Car Tyre

by Nitin Saini
Tyres London

Tyres are a very important part of your vehicle. And hence you should be very carefully choosing one for yourself. However, not many of us miss out on the important parameters while buying a car for ourselves. Among other factors, things such as the quality of the tyre and its expiration date are often overlooked by us.

Here are a few things that you need to consider while buying a car tyre for your car.

Size Of The Tyres

Before buying any tyre, ensure that you have proper knowledge about tyre size and how to read it. The performance of your car depends on how well the size of Michelin Tyres London that you are using meets its requirements. So you must choose the right size of your car tyres.

The size of the tyres is engraved on the sidewalls of the tyre. The marking on the sidewall is a complex number, which indicates the tread width, height, rim size, and speed rating of the tyre. Moreover, the rim size of your tyre should also be the same as that of your previous car tyres. If you install a tyre of unequal rim size, then it will create difficulty with handling and braking.

Material Of The Tyre

Every driver needs a good quality car tyre. That is why tyre manufacturers give special attention to the materials used in their tyres. Tyres are made of rubber compound, which is mixed with a lot of other chemicals.

The traction offered by a car tyre depends on the material used in it. If you purchase a car tyre of low-quality material, it will wear off easily. And eventually, it will not be able to provide a better grip on the road.

On the flip side, a car tyre with a good quality rubber compound will have improved strength and durability. Moreover, it will provide you with better acceleration and handling on the road.

Tube Or Tubeless

When you buy a car tyre, you will be presented with two options, i.e., tubeless and tube tyres. Both of these tyres are good, but if you want to opt for a safer alternative, you must choose tubeless tyres.

Tubeless is a very convenient option, as they can be repaired very easily when they get punctured. These tyres have anti-rusting coats inside them and do not catch rust very easily, even on wet roads. However, a tubed tyre has its advantages too. These tyres have a tube inside them, which can be replaced if they get a lot of punctures, without replacing the whole tyre.

Tread pattern

As discussed above, you know very well why treads are important for your tyres. Every car tyre has a different tread pattern on them. Some of these tread patterns are –

Unidirectional tread

Unidirectional tyres, as their name suggests, have a single tread pattern engraved on them. These types of tread patterns restrict the movement of a car tyre in one direction, i.e., the direction marked on the car tyre with an arrow.

All-Terrain Tread

These types of tread patterns have deep grooves, making them ideal for heavy vehicles such as SUVs. These tread patterns allow tyres to deal with rough terrains effectively. Its tread pattern not only gives a better grip to your car tyres but also reduces its braking distances.

Traditional tread

If you Buy Tyres London, this is the tread pattern, which you will be getting on your tyres by default. Its specialty is that it allows the tyres to move in both directions. This tread pattern also prevents the accumulation of water and dust in the treads while driving.

While buying a car tyre for yourself, you should analyse all the given points carefully. After checking all these parameters, you should read online reviews about the car tyre you are choosing. However, if you are still not sure which company to choose, you should visit London’s Mobile Tyre Fitting.

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