The Ultimate Checklist to Hire Ferrari 488 GTB in Dubai?

by rileywilson

Ferrari is an Italian sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. It was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939. Since then the brand has been recognized as the best sports car brand of all times. Nowadays it is the dream of many, and everyone just wants to have the experience of driving a Ferrari at least once in their lifetime. Ferrari 488 GTB is the replacement of Ferrari 458, which ruled the markets for almost 6 years. Ferrari 488 GTB was somewhat bigger because with this Ferrari brought turbo-assisted mid-engined cars since the iconic F40. Ferrari 488 GTB has a record-breaking efficiency, amazing sportiness and comfort, lush soundtrack, extreme performance and revolutionizing exterior. It comes with a V8 engine, Displacement of 3.902 ccs, 670 CV maximum power @ 8000 RPM and 330 km/h speed. The car was loved by many and gained fame all over the world in no time.

When it comes to Dubai, like the whole world, Dubai was also excited to have this car. Dubai is famous for its car, and almost every luxury car rental in Dubai has this car in their fleets. Ferrari 488 is a sports vehicle, and the criteria for renting a sports car is slightly different from renting a luxury car. Here is the checklist for renting a Ferrari 488 GTB in Dubai. 

  1. Requirements for Renting a Ferrari 488 GTB

Although Dubai has a pretty set standard for renting sports cars, every luxury car rental in Dubai has a small difference in the terms and conditions of renting a sports car. If you want to rent a Ferrari 488 GTB, you need to have these mandatory documents with you.

Emirates ID: This document is necessary if you have a resident visa in Dubai.

Visa Copy: This document is necessary for people who are on tour and want to rent a Ferrari 488 GTB.

Passport Copy: Passport copy is also mandatory for the tourists.

Driver’s License: Driver’s license is an important requirement to rent a sports car in Dubai. Dubai is very strict about their driving rules and RTA (Road and Transport Authority) Dubai has allowed only a few countries whose driving licence is accepted. For example, if you are a passport holder of Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, you can rent a sports car on your driving licence. If you are not from these countries, you need to have an international driver’s permit. IDP is issued by your home country or the country you have the licence of, and you have to carry both licences when you are driving in Dubai.

  1. Age Limit for the Rental

Every car rental service needs to follow this rule. You can only rent a Ferrari 488 GTB if you are 25 years old. You can rent a luxury car if you are 21, but for sports cars, you should be 25 years old.

  1. Price Limit for Hiring a Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari 488 GTB is a sports car, so it is expensive to rent also. Every luxury car rental in Dubai has a slight difference in the price due to insurance and deposit, but the range falls in AED 2500 to AED 3000 per day. Rent aside rental companies also demand a certain amount as a security deposit, it may vary hugely depending on the company you choose. The price range can be from AED 3000 to AED 5000. This amount is refundable, but the company may deduct some charges for tolls and damages. It’s best to ask the company about their prices and if there are any other charges included in the amount.

Another amount you need to ask the company is insurance amount. Most luxury car hire dubai include insurance in the rental amount due to which the prices get slightly high. Sometimes these charges show up at the time of payment, so it’s best to ask the company for an insurance amount. Note that insurance is mandatory for every vehicle as per UAE laws.

  1. Choosing the Best Luxury Car Rental in Dubai?

Once you have completed all the documentation for renting Ferrari 488 GTB, now it’s time to choose the rental company. Check online for the company with the best options on the prices of Ferrari 488 GTB. Negotiate with the company and ask about the details about renting the vehicle. Set the schedule, the competent car rental company will deliver your Ferrari at your chosen place.

  1. Check the Car Before Sealing the Deal

It is always important to check the car before signing the contract. Take pictures and videos of the vehicle before receiving it. Also, make sure all the documentation is complete, and the vehicle is insured. After the complete check-up, receive your Ferrari 488 GTB and enjoy your drive around the city. 

If you have all the documentation, can fulfil all the requirements, you can have a safe and stress-free drive on your Ferrari 488 GTB.

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