The insurance helps you if your car is stolen and appears damaged

by Alex Musk

Has your car been stolen, and has it appeared with damage?

In this article, we explain what damages are covered by car insurance and which ones are not in case it appears destroyed after being stolen with a practical case.

Example of a stolen car with damage

Álvaro’s last days have been complicated. On Monday, he left home and went to the car, which he had parked on the street, to go to work. His surprise was… that his vehicle was not in the place where he had left it! In his place, there was only asphalt.

Damn, I thought over and over again, I shouldn’t have left it in that abandoned, unlit area.

But there was nothing to do now except to look ahead and try to find solutions. He spent the entire day dealing with the police, his work, and the insurer, to whom he was wise enough to promptly communicate what had happened.

After a complicated week, with a mixture of sadness, anger, and concern, the good news arrived: the police contacted him to inform him that they had found his vehicle, which he suspected had been stolen.

Happy ending? Absolutely. The information he received later once again plunged him into deep concern: his vehicle had been damaged.

Those who stole the car, beyond forcing and damaging the lock to access it, suffered a small accident, leaving the road to get into a pothole area.

Fortunately, the car was not seriously damaged, but a complete collection of vinyl records that Álvaro had bought over the weekend and left in the trunk was broken, as was his small son’s car seat in the rear. Behind the car, which had been damaged in the collision.

The picture did not look too good, so we are not going to fool ourselves: several days without being able to use the vehicle to go to work, a forced visit to the garage in order to replace the broken lock, payment to the tow truck that returned the car to the driveway, the smashed vinyl collection and his son’s defective car seat.

Damages that can be covered by car insurance due to theft

Luckily, our friend Álvaro had a full car insurance deductible, and that helped him solve this unpleasant situation in the best possible way, saving him time and a significant amount of money.

Damage on the mainland

In the first place, he had theft coverage, which served to cover material damage (in this case, the lock, which had broken down at the time of forcing it to steal the car).

In the less frequent event that the robbers had chosen to break a window to enter, the glass breakage guarantee would have covered the damage, regardless of the glass that had been shattered, and even if there had been damage to the windshield or the sunroof.

Damage to the contents of the stolen car

That in regards to the continent, the structure of the vehicle. But… and what happened to the content, to what was inside it?

The vinyl collection and the chair had been seriously damaged. But the car insurance took care of the cost of the discs, paying the customer their value as it was within limits stipulated in the contract.

You were also responsible for paying for the cost of repairing the child restraint, as you would have if your client had needed to purchase a new seat.

Luckily his car soon showed up. Otherwise, since the car had not yet been more than two years old, the compensation from the insurer would have allowed him to buy a vehicle just like the one he had since the new value was guaranteed.

Vehicle stoppage costs

The bad thing is that between the days that passed until the police found his car and those that he spent in the workshop for the repair, the insured could not dispose of it.

However, he made use of the vehicle stoppage compensation coverage, which during that time allowed him to receive a daily subsidy from his company that allowed him to have a surplus amount to go to work and carry out errands by public transport.

He could also have made use of the replacement car coverage by having a car with similar characteristics to his own, but he did not consider it necessary.

We left out another situation, the action of the crane that had to lift the car from the rocky area where it had been stranded to the road.

Who took care of the cost of that professional service? You guessed it: car insurance, which through the roadside assistance guarantee provided this operation free of charge to the insured person.

Theft or robbery, what does it cover me in each case?

Burglary and larceny are two terms that are often confused, but they are not exactly the same:

Theft is a crime in which force is used against people or objects.

Theft, on the other hand, refers to an illegal removal without using violence or threats.

But don’t worry, because good car insurance can offer a response to both situations and even to attempted theft.

The particular conditions, as always, will depend on the type of product you have subscribed to and must be clearly reflected in the insurance contract.

What happens if the car appears after collecting compensation?

It depends on what the insurer has determined in the conditions of the contract. The usual thing is that the client has a short period of time after the recovery of the vehicle to choose between returning the money to the insurer or keeping it… but leaving the property of the vehicle to the insurance company.


The insurance did not prevent our protagonist from experiencing a complicated situation, but it solved his client’s life in many ways, helping to make this unpleasant experience less unpleasant.

He took care of the towing service, the cost of the lock, the disks, and the repair of the chair, also offering his insured a daily subsidy while he was unable to use his car.

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