The Importance of Aircon Maintenance

by Alpha Christopher

Why you should maintain your air-conditioner

   Everyone wants to escape the scorching heat that plagues our sunny island. That’s where the trusty air-conditioner comes into play, providing an oasis for reprieve and relaxation. As your air-conditioning takes care of you, you too need to ensure that it is in tip-top form. If left in disrepair, your cooling unit can quickly rack up problems ranging from expensive bills to health complications. Here are 5 reasons you should maintain your air-conditioning.

      1. Prolonging Lifespan

   As with all material goods, wear and tear are inevitable. Yet, it does not have to spell the end for your air-conditioner. By ensuring that its components are replaced regularly and subjected to inspection, you can avoid spending hefty sums for a replacement. By hiring an aircon service contractor with specialized knowledge, you can minimize cost while maximizing efficiency.

      2. Energy Efficiency

   Throughout the lifespan of your air-conditioner, the system eventually gets inundated with the various dust particles and will get clogged. A clogged system will have reduced air-flow which leads to an increase in electricity bills as it struggles to maintain the set temperature. This problem affects any aircon unit regardless of its price range. 

   Aircon servicing companies such as Airwin are up to date with the latest models in the market, allowing their staff to identify the core problem quickly and with pinpoint accuracy.

      3. Major Breakdowns

   Aircons that are neglected long enough will eventually break down. If sufficient damage is sustained, the entire system would have to be replaced. The damage could also affect the area surrounding the unit. Water leakage could rot the paint around the aircon which would eventually lead to the sour odor caused by mold. Furthermore, the time investment required for the new installation of the aircon unit could be better spent elsewhere. Rather than going through such an ordeal, residential aircon contractors are easily accessible and much easier on the wallet.

      4. Comfort

   As parts are worn out and damaged, the entire system is eventually compromised. A compromised aircon has lower air-flow and poorer cooling capabilities. These units are eventually left unused and often end up as awkward ornamental pieces. Allow your aircon to serve its purpose effectively through proper maintenance.

      5. Health          

   Lastly but most importantly, your health. As debris and dirt fill up your air-conditioner, air quality will eventually suffer. To protect your loved ones and guests, it is crucial to clear out these harmful air-pollutants from the system to ensure excellent air-quality. This is important for young children or people who suffer from respiratory illnesses whose symptoms could be exacerbated

Seek professional help

   Now that you are updated on the various implications of poor maintenance, here at Airwin we have you covered. With our highly trained specialists, we will analyze and scrutinize every component of your air conditioning system all the while providing stellar customer service.

   For professional and timely air-conditioner servicing, head to for all your air-conditioning needs.


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