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The best tools for analyzing online competitors

by Alex Musk

When you define a strategy for web marketing, you have to work on several fronts:

It can be a required activity of SEO optimization on-page.

It would help if you had good link building (quality links are never enough).

  • It may be necessary to intervene in social and on communities.

It depends. Before starting, you need a careful analysis that takes into account the characteristics. But also of external factors.

Among these factors are also the activities of the insurance competitor. A competitor is a company in the same sector or a similar industry that offers a similar product or service in economic jargon. It could be…, or companies or professionals were working in the same industry as you. The authors of Oceano Blu, W. Chan Kim, and Renée Mauborgne launch the idea: you have to win without competing, you have to earn a space of the sea where you are alone with your customers. Without having to fight against competitors every day. The reality is different: you must always have your competitors’ actions under control.

To copy? Certainly not, but to understand which strategy to implement to obtain better results. Creating an inbound marketing action without competitor analysis, for example, does not make sense: what content to start, how to work with SEO. SMM.SMM stands for Social Media Marketing.; you need the best tools. Here is the list is taken from my favorites bar.

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  • 1 Mention
  • 2 Marketing Grader
  • 3 Open Site Explorer
  • 4 SEMRush
  • 5 Similarweb
  • 6 MonitorBacklink
  • 7 Followerwonk
  • 8 What tool do you use to analyze online competitors?


The first tool concerns the activity of the brand. The brand is an identification symbol, trademark, logo, name, word, and phrase that companies use to distinguish their product from others—a combination monitoring. With Mention, you solve all your problems; buy a company program to have all the advantages of this suite: monitoring of all keywords, collaboration with other team members, the possibility of giving sentiment to messages.

Mention has a single goal: to analyze all the contents of the web and find the query. The query is usually used to indicate a request that a user makes using a search engine. Whenever we look for something on a machine that interests us, even the name of our competitors and the topics shared, it does the same job as Google Alert, but it does it much better and without smudging. For Digital PR professionals, it is the best.

Freemium. The official site: web.mention.com

Marketing Grader

A simple and immediate tool signed by Hubspot allows you to define all the essential points of a website in a few steps. There are the SEO aspects, those related to social media marketing and lead generation, without forgetting the furniture. It is not a definitive tool, but it allows you to make the first analysis of a blog. A blog (short for “weblog”) is an “online newspaper” or informational website, which displays information in reverse chronological order, with the latest … or a website in no time.

Free. The official site:  marketing.grader.com

Open Site Explorer

This Moz family tool allows you to have the link profile of your competitors at your disposal. To get the results, enter the relevant link in the search bar and press enter.

The result is now divided into several columns. An initial report summarizes all the valuable information to understand domain and page authority, the total number of links, and the root domain. You can filter the results in all possible ways (only external, internal, follow links, no follow. Nofollow is an HTML attribute used to tell search engine robots that a link shouldn’t affect their rankings in …). Still, these settings are for paid versions, among the best tools to analyze online competitors.

Freemium. The official site:  moz.com/researchtools


One of the most complete and comprehensive suites to create a helpful comparison between two websites. With SEMrush, you can estimate the traffic of the most profitable queries, positioning, and relative competitors. With this tool, you can have detailed information on your competitors, including the backlink report. A backlink is a link from any website to our site. Search engines like Google use the backlink to signal to If you are looking for a complete tool to analyze competitors, this is the right solution, even if there are similar platforms.

Freemium. The official site:  semrush.com


That’s is an exciting suit. Just insert a link to get any information possible on the website: it suggests similar sites, the most fruitful queries, the ranking in SEO; Ranking refers to the position in the order of search engines such as Google. Get a good scale for relevant keywords for worldwide and Italian, an estimate of traffic, the presence of advertising, and the type of audience. You have practically everything.

When you click on the “Add Competitor” button, the tool suggests the names. You can choose the ones on the list or go to other solutions, and when you compare the two sites, all the numbers are apparent. There is also an application for the browser—a similar solution: www.spyfu.com.

Freemium. The official site:  www.similarweb.com


Another tool for monitoring your competitors’ inbound links. Everything is straightforward: enter the URL.URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Colloquially called a web address, it refers to a web resource such as a site, page, or file of your competitor in the search bar and hit enter. The tool offers you a results page divided into columns and allows you to identify all the characteristics of the links smoothly. Less comprehensive than the Moz tool, but just as effective.

Freemium. The official site:  monitorbacklinks.com


One of the tools I use almost every day. Followerwonk is a perfect tool for analyzing your competitors on Twitter. In particular, Followerwonk allows you to extrapolate:

  • Social authority
  • Gender of followers
  • Number of followers of contacts
  • Keywords used in tweets
  • Engagement, from the English “involvement”, is a term that indicates the level of involvement of users concerning a company or brand, often used in the field of Social Media Marketing. There are installments.

If you take advantage of the comparison function, you can use Followerwonk in the best possible way: to compare different Twitter accounts. The results are complete, but you need to log in with your Twitter account to get all the data. Are there similar applications for Google Plus? I use Circlecount, less complete than Followerwonk but just as beneficial.

Free. The official site:  moz.com/followerwonk

What tool do you use to analyze online competitors?

That’s is my list of tools for analyzing online competitors. The tools I have listed allow you to obtain helpful information, but remember that nothing can replace your analytical skills, instincts, and preparation. The devices are useful, but they do not create the strategy: they show you the valuable numbers to define the subsequent actions.

Now I pass the word to you: what are the valuable tools for working in this sector? Do you have any tips to add to this article? Is there a tool that helped you achieve a goal? Leave your opinion in the comments. And if you want some tools to add to the list, you can look at these tools for your SEO business.

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