The Benefits Of Using LED Tri Proof Light Fixtures

by andrew paul

LED Tri Proof Light is the bright, heavy duty alternative to regular strip and tube light fixtures used in industrial, commercial and residential applications. They are impact and moisture resistant for outdoor use and are low-maintenance, water and wind resistant for residential use. LED tri proof led light are ideal for outdoor security lighting, flood lights, garage doors, and more.

Manufacturers specify the LED Tri Proof light’s level of UV, impact and moisture resistance as a prime feature of the product. In addition, LED lights can also have a silicone sealant to provide additional protection requirements or to enhance color, brightness and general performance. The following is a discussion on how and why silicone sealants may help LED tri-proof lights:

Industrial and Commercial Applications: Silicone gels that form a bead seal around the light are ideal for protecting LED bulbs from the wear and tear of running outside and for prolonging the life of the light bulb. These products are also helpful in improving the light’s brightness, increasing its durability and life, and for ensuring consistent high output. Additionally, silicone gels offer the light bulb with an extended shelf life as compared to standard light bulbs. The high quality silicone gels provide superior protection against damage caused by salt spray, corrosion, extreme temperature fluctuations, and moisture. These silicone sealants also provide the option to regulate the light’s temperature so it stays at a comfortable level.

Home and Personal Applications: Many people choose to use LED lights for outdoor and indoor security lighting for aesthetic, safety and convenience purposes. Many homeowners rely on LED bulbs for added security against intruders and theft. Additionally, LED lights have become a popular substitute for traditional tube bulbs. Because of this, many home improvement stores, home appliance stores and online retailers carry LED tri-fold strip lights and various sizes of LED grow panels. Therefore, it is possible to find a suitable LED light in any size or color combination that meets your needs.

Light Quality and Price: One of the primary considerations when purchasing any product is the overall quality of the product, especially in terms of its lifespan and cost. Therefore, consumers should take care to research the specifications of LED tri-fold strip lights and other similar products to determine what their actual lifetime, cost and durability are. Consumers are advised to avoid any product with a thin silicone coating that will deteriorate with exposure to heat or moisture. In addition, products that have been designed with standard and generic silicone sealing techniques should be considered for the best protection requirements.

Durability: The durability of an LED light is affected by many factors including the thickness and chemical makeup of its plastic envelope. Nonetheless, most products can withstand at least two or three hours of direct sunlight without losing brightness and/or becoming dim. However, in order to meet resistance to heat and/or moisture, the maximum usable life may be extended beyond this time. Furthermore, the color temperature of an LED under typical conditions will tend to remain fairly constant unless otherwise instructed. Therefore, consumers should make sure that the LED light they select will operate at the intended color temperatures during all seasons and light environments.

Safety: Since LED lights emit light in the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum, there are a number of federal and non-federal regulations in place to protect consumers from potential injuries due to improper or inadequate illumination. Led lights that have been tested and certified to meet these stringent standards are considered one of the highest quality alternatives to incandescent bulbs. Additionally, LED lights are considered to be much safer than traditional lighting methods as they do not produce harmful ultraviolet radiation. Under normal operation, an LED will not produce any visible heat energy or ‘ultraviolet’ radiation. Therefore, they offer a marked safety advantage over traditional lighting methods.

These LED tri-proof lights offer consumers many benefits. They can be used to illuminate outdoor areas, inside outdoor structures and even in vehicles. When selecting your lighting needs, it is important to evaluate all of your options. LED lights have been approved for outdoor use due to their low level of damage to surfaces, and ability to endure intense levels of light and bright, consistent illumination for prolonged periods of time. Led light bulbs are available in a variety of colors and can be arranged to reflect different color spectrums, or be able to remain uniform in color. Consumers who require additional lighting for outdoor applications should consider LED tri-proof fixtures, which offer consumers a clear and affordable alternative to standard outdoor lighting.

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