by Alex Musk

Have you taken a beautiful photograph and don’t know how to work it? Would you like to make it shine thanks to post production but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, this article is right for you!

I’m going to recommend you the 3 best apps that can be used by phone to start editing your photos from your mobile phone in total autonomy and with truly incredible results!

But before revealing the 3 resources that you will no longer be able to do without, let’s clarify what is meant by photographic post production!


The photographic post production or photo editing is the last phase of processing a shot and corresponds to that step in which the photographer decides what final look to give to his shot!

Through some targeted corrections, which are carried out through programs (from PC) or App (from telephone), you decide how to enhance or enhance the message you intend to convey with that precise image.

This step in practice takes place through the modification of some parameters that have repercussions, to name a few, on:

  • exposure
  • contrast
  • luci
  • ombre
  • bianchi
  • neri
  • temperature
  • ink
  • vividness
  • saturation
  • color grading
  • curve
  • texture
  • clarity
  • vignetting
  • graininess
  • sharpness

By going to work selectively on some parameters it is possible, thanks to editing, to give that special aspect or transfer a certain atmosphere to the shot.


Through this delicate processing phase of your photography you can decide whether to give the image a vintage or bright mold, whether to make the colors stronger and more contrasted (saturated) or more delicate and with pastel shades (desaturated).

Many think that the final photo is represented by that file that we download by connecting the phone or camera to the computer! I can tell you in advance that, especially for professional photographers, this is not the case!

Because at that precise moment all the final part for the finalization of the process is missing: post production!

Editing nowadays is the medium that, if we know how to use, allows us to make our photographs more professional but not only! It is that process that allows us to add what I love to call the signature.

You know when you come across a shot on the web and you already know which photographer it belongs to? – This also applies to the recognition of a shot on the Instagram home! -)

This ability to relate a shot to its author at just one glance is what I call a signature!

Each of us, following his own style, through photographic post production but not only, will finish the process of creating his own shot, affixing his signature to the photograph.


The parameter-by-parameter selective modification, which I just told you about, allows you to obtain a saving of the sum of these settings and to replicate it in its entirety on other photographs!

Very useful step when you have many files to work made in conditions of lights or very similar colors!

This working method is called Preset . I explored this topic in another.

When you hear about FILTER in photography you must know that the editing you are going to obtain will have much less operating margin because it involves affixing a sort of film to the photograph.

Think precisely of this gesture: affixing a film to the photograph. It comes to be understood that the film, being already prepackaged, does not give us the margin to work the photograph parameter by parameter in a selective way.

This does not mean that the use of a filter should be excluded a priori!

We can also opt for a hybrid processing, fix some aspects through Lightroom or Camera raw and then decide anyway to apply a filter to the photograph to finalize it more quickly.



Lightroom mobile was and continues to be my first great love!

I also consider myself living proof that you can take beautiful shots from your smartphone!

I really want to dispel the myth that you can’t edit your photos very well on the phone! Seeing is believing!

Photograph copyright by Federica Pompei edited with Lightroom Mobile Vintage filter 03



Ps express is another App that I use more or less for the same reason!

By upgrading to the premium version you get very interesting tools that make this App like a small and simplified Photoshop for smartphone!

Going to the bottom panel under “Looks” it will be possible to choose the filter to apply to our photograph! So you can choose your favorite among those offered to the items: base, charm, white balance, opaque, hdr, warm, clear, black and white, portrait, pop color and double tone!

Photograph copyright Federica Pompei edited with VSCO Charm 01 filter



I use this App exclusively for filters. In the free version there are several that you can apply to our image. With the premium subscription, all filters present within the application are unlocked. There are something for everyone!

Copyright photograph by Federica Pompei edited with VSCO F1 filter



If you don’t feel sure about taking your first steps in photo editing alone, you can always contact me via email and ask me to create a custom Preset for you!

Thanks to an interview (via e-mail or via direct) we will understand which genre best reflects you, so you will provide me with all the information to be able to work on the creation of a completely customized Lightroom Mobile Preset able to tell your personality or your story. .

A Preset is the best tool to create a unique and recognizable visual identity for your Personal Brand on Instagram!

A custom Preset is a great ally even if you want to make the photographs taken by phone magical before proceeding to print a photo book!

I hope this article helped you clarify and familiarize yourself with everything that happens after the shot! If you like to know even more, do not hesitate to write to me, even commenting on this blog post, if you want I can add you to my close friends list on Instagram! A channel dedicated to photo editing with Lightroom mobile!

I wait for you in the comments!

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