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by Alex Musk

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  • Some data regarding the surveyor’s insurance
  • Professional liability insurance for surveyors: what it is and when it is mandatory
  • What does the professional liability policy for surveyors cover?
  • With Insurance Noon you also save on insurance for surveyors
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Professional RC for surveyors: what is it for (explained for the recalcitrant)

Surveyors’ insurance is mandatory, but many professionals turn a deaf ear – that’s why it’s best to have it

Some data regarding the surveyor’s insurance

A 2017 Agefis survey revealed a disconcerting fact: 98% of surveyors were aware of the obligation to have a professional liability policy for Surveyors, but as many as 22% had not yet stipulated a policy. A very high number, unacceptable, especially after several years from the entry into force of the obligation.

But why have so many surveyors not provided themselves with compulsory insurance? For 42% of cases, the professional liability insurance policy for surveyors would constitute an excessive expense. 

The surveyors of the past, those who were called “Mr. surveyor” in the villages and towns, could only be horrified: they, irreplaceable connoisseurs of the construction world, sole managers of meters, centimeters, and millimeters, fundamental intermediaries between citizens, businesses and municipal administrations and even – sometimes – insurance brokers, who together with the parish priest and the mayor were among the most prominent figures in the villages, what would they say when faced with such a crazy excuse? 

Right now that, with the new degree courses, the profession is making a comeback? What then, it must be said, those who postpone the time of stipulation of the insurance policy for surveyors, probably, have not yet heard of our giveback mechanism. But we’ll be back.

Another 17% of the uninsured would have justified themselves by saying that there is little clarity in the contractual clauses, while for 37% the cause would be attributable to the reduced knowledge of the policies offered by the insurance agencies. Better, in short, to find out what a good professional Rc for surveyors is for and what it covers!

Professional liability insurance for surveyors: what it is and when it is mandatory

The professional liability policy for Surveyors is mandatory by law for all professionals registered with the order. And it has certainly not been since yesterday: the obligation was introduced with Presidential Decree 137/2012 of 7 August 2012, which entered into force on 13 August 2013, for all individual freelancers. In the case of an associated firm, company, or professional association, the insurance can cover partners and collaborators, for all work carried out on behalf of the association, company, or firm.

surveyors insurance

What does the professional liability policy for surveyors cover?

As we have seen, there are many surveyors out there who are indefinitely postponing the stipulation of their professional liability, often due to a certain misunderstanding of the coverage. So what does surveyor insurance cover? In reality, without the need to immerse yourself immediately in the mare magnum of contractual clauses, it is quite simple to understand what the professional surveyors RC is for: this insurance serves to protect the surveyor from the typical risks that can appear during normal working activity. Do you want to know what risks we are talking about? It is easy to say: think of all the risks that could damage – among other things – the property of the surveyor. Here, we talk about those risks. That yes, there are many.

Let’s take another step: the civil liability policy for surveyors is formulated to compensate the client of the insured when the latter, by forgetfulness, by mistake, or by distraction – and therefore involuntarily – causes the damage of an economic nature.

It is not, therefore, insurance to be taken out only because it was imposed by law 8 years ago. It is precious protection which, when a surveyor is held civilly liable for damage, renders him unharmed from the consequent compensation. And yes, anyone who has been hanging out in the construction world for a few years knows very well that the consequences of lawsuits and requests for reimbursements, for a surveyor, can be very serious. Think of forgetfulness, an incorrect assessment, the loss of a document: these are certainly not particularly remote possibilities!

With Insurance Noon you also save on insurance for surveyors

We have seen that in some cases, however, it is not the difficulty in choosing the right professional policy that keeps professionals away from insurance for surveyors, but rather the cost of the premium. 

If you also fall into this category – perhaps because you are a young surveyor who is taking his first steps in the profession, and who has never heard anyone say “Mr. surveyor” – we have good news for you: also for the professional RC surveyors provides you with the giveback mechanism, which provides for the reimbursement of a part of the premium paid upon expiry of the policy if there are no claims.

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