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Study at the Just Right Level at Kumon

by Ayush Khanna

When we talk about learning, we all understand how it should be personalized. Here, at Kumon we believe that learning needs to be tailor made according to the child. Kumon’s unique methods allow students to learn at their own pace and their own academic ability regardless of their age or a class. This allows the students to not only maintain their own personal pace but to advance beyond school grade level.

So what is the “Just right” level?

The academic ability varies from one child to another. While some students might find a book interesting, another student might not be ready for it, yet. Similarly, an algebra problem might not excite a child in the beginning but by the end of some sessions, she/he might fall in love with solving those problems.

Thereby, Kumon ensures that students always study worksheets at their ‘just-right’ level – somewhere between study material that is too easy and too difficult. This is something which is especially made for every child. With online classes  for kids and the Kumon Learning App, Kumon ensures that there’s learning anywhere and everywhere.

With elements like study projections, progress updates and observations from a student’s Kumon Instructor, Kumon makes sure that the ‘just-right’ level of study is maintained for each individual student.

 What happens as a result of this?

1) Kumon inhabits excited learners

When learning happens from the grass-root level, it creates passion and excitement for the process of learning for students. The ‘just-right’ also ensures students study work that is challenging enough to develop their ability. When the worksheet challenges are overcome, the students feel a sense of accomplishment and create a new set of challenges for their next set of learning.

2) Students really go beyond the school level

That’s exactly what happens when Kumon makes the students learn with their current academic ability. As students make progress through Kumon, they begin to encounter material that is beyond school grade level. For example, Kumon doesn’t prevent primary school students of high academic capability from advancing to high school material. Similarly, a high school student may begin Kumon on primary school level material, if it is necessary to revise and reinforce their foundational skills. And when basics take a lead in learning, students really go beyond the school level.

  3) Learning takes a front-seat

With custom made learning when nothing comes as a hindrance in the progress of the child, learning becomes a primary for children. They focus on what is important for them after knowing their exact level. The basics become clear and then there’s no stopping the child who becomes aware of everything she/he is really capable of doing.

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