Step-by-step guide to fix the ‘QuickBooks 15271 Error’

by Zoe Maria
QuickBooks 15271 Error

QuickBooks 15271 is an update error that is commonly seen by the users while they are updating or installing the QuickBooks Desktop or Pro or QuickBooks Payroll. You’ll receive an error message that says ‘Error 15271: The payroll update did not complete successfully. A file cannot be validated.’ As the message conveys, the entire update process wasn’t completed and there could be many reasons for this. To find the reasons and to effectively solve this issue, cling to the blog below.

Technological glitches can be challenging to deal with. Hence, you can call our QuickBooks Professional at1-855-948-3646. Take their guidance and assistance in overcoming this error and avail yourself a cut above the rest of QuickBooks Troubleshooting services.

Causes for the QuickBooks 15271 Error

At times, if you know the reason behind a specific glitch, you can directly stabilize the issue quickly. Nevertheless, finding valid reasons also benefits you in finding the appropriate solutions.

  1. The QuickBooks installation is either partial or corrupted.
  2. Incorrect registration of the Windows after upgrading the changes in the QuickBooks pro.
  3. Windows Framework or the system is attacked by malware or virus.

If some important files are deleted or damaged, then it can also result in this update error.

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Solutions for the QuickBooks 15271 Error

We have simplified and short-listed a few solutions to help you solve this error. Always begin by implying primary keys just as updating or restarting the system or repairing the basic settings. If that doesn’t work out, follow the troubleshooting solutions mentioned below.

Solution 1: Install the QuickBooks software in the ‘Selective Startup Mode.’

  1. As the title conveys, you have to reinstall the QuickBooks but in the Selective Startup Mode only.
  2. Find the ‘Windows’ icon on your keyboard and press it simultaneously with the ‘R’ key.
  3. This will direct you towards the ‘Run’ menu.
  4. After you have entered the ‘Run’ tab, a dialogue box will appear.
  5. In that box, type ‘MSConfig’ and press ‘ok’ to give the search command.
  6. After the search results appear, tap on the ‘Selective Startup.’ You will find this option under the ‘General Tab.’
  7. Then select the ‘Load System Services’ option.
  8. This will lead you to the list of options.
  9. From those options, select ‘Services’ followed by clicking on the ‘Hide all Microsoft Services.’
  10. Select the ‘Disable All’ option and then click on the ‘Hid all Microsoft services’ again.
  11. The next step would be to cross-check that the ‘Windows Installer’ has been marked and confirmed in the list of services.
  12. If not marked, mark it and click on ‘ok.’
  13. Move to the ‘System Configuration’ tab and click on ‘Restart.’
  14. Finally, from the start menu, go to the ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ and right-click on it to uninstall.
  15. Reinstall it from the official website and set it up precisely.

Even after implementing these solutions, if you are facing the QuickBooks 15271 Error, then there could be more significant technical problems affiliated with it. For which, you must call out for an expert directly. Call the QuickBooks Professionals at 1-855-948-3646 to repair these problems instantly.

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