Stem Vs STEAM: An Overview For Students And Parents

Parents and students studying at secondary school in Richmond would need to plan for their future careers while at high school. An option that they should consider while planning is to choose the education stream. Two options present themselves, one being STEM and the other STEAM. Both options are available at the best schools and students need to plan for the option that suits them best. Parents can help their students plan for the same.

What is STEM?

When a student studying at secondary school in Richmond chooses STEM, the student is choosing education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM education is a very popular option for study since it allows students to focus on a career in science and its related subjects. Careers in technology and engineering are very popular. A student who focused on STEM during high school will be well prepared for such a career. A career in medicine also requires STEM, since not only the student needs science but also needs technology and math.

What is STEAM?

STEAM is nothing but the addition of Arts as a course of study along with the science subjects. A top secondary school in Richmond would offer Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics for study. A question that parents and students would have is why study arts along with science subjects. What is the benefit for science students by focusing on the arts?

The answer is very simple, by including arts there is a greater focus on creativity. Science and related subjects use theories and accepted principles to work on. Arts involved creativity. Including arts in STEM helps the student to think more creatively. This can be very helpful. For instance, an architect designing a building needs engineering, technology, math, and science. But design is not mere science, it includes aesthetic appearance. This is where studying arts would be helpful.

A student at the best secondary school in Richmond who studies art with science subjects will learn to be more creative. They would learn to appreciate things in life. The student would learn critical thinking because this is what arts involved. Arts teaches a student to think about various topics in a critical and deep way. This will benefit problem-solving. It would be very helpful for students as they apply what they have learned in real life.

Benefits of STEAM

The benefits of adding arts as a subject with science-related subjects are multifold. The addition of arts allows students to develop soft skills that can help them succeed in life. It helps them collaborate with others on projects and tasks. It improves their critical thinking ability and helps in problem-solving. It builds their social skills and helps them be more engaged.

STEM and STEAM are popular study options for students studying at the best secondary school in Richmond. The inclusion of arts in the curriculum expands the scope of thinking and creativity. It helps students be more focused and improves their performance. Parents can guide students to help them decide if they want to include arts as a subject of study.

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