Some of the Most Innovative Refrigerators launched by LG

by Shailendra Kumar
Lg Refrigerators

LG launched its first refrigerator in 1965. Since then, the brand has always been known to come up with the most innovative refrigerator models. According to reports, around 90 different innovative refrigerator models are offered by LG. A typical LG refrigerator can be characterized by stunning looks and state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best kitchen experience. 

LG has recently launched some of the most innovative refrigerators. Apart from the above mentioned characteristics, there are numerous specifications which make each refrigerator model distinct from the other. It would be best to look at these exciting refrigerator models to gain a better insight into which one would prove to be the best buy for someone interested. A comprehensive list for the same is as follows:

  • LG GC-M22FAGPL 594 litres door-in-door refrigerator

The highlight of this refrigerator is its door-in-door feature. It offers a capacity of 594 Litres. Door cooling technology helps to keep the refrigerator contents cool. It consists of five-door baskets, two drawers, and comes with a secured child lock feature. The freezer consists of six drawers, and the ice-maker is of twist-tray type.

This model comes with a price tag of around Rs.1.70 lakh, which might prove to be on the higher end. However, interested buyers can take help of the EMI Network Card from Bajaj Finserv. They can purchase the refrigerator with this card at zero cost EMI.

  • LG GL-T502XPZ3 471 litres 3-star convertible refrigerator

Price – Around Rs.74000

This refrigerator comes with a total capacity of 471 litres. The highlight of this LG refrigerator is the inverter linear compressor.  The cooling technology involved in this model is linear cooling, which is powered by this compressor. It does not require a stabilizer to function. The refrigerant used in this refrigerator is eco-friendly in nature. The refrigerator is shiny steel in colour and possesses a door with a high gloss finish. The door is also equipped with an alarm system. 

  • LG GL-S372RDSY 335 litres 2-star convertible refrigerator

Price – Around Rs.41000

This is a 2-star convertible refrigerator. The total capacity offered by this model is 335 Litres. This refrigerator comes with a smart inverter compressor technology and a multi airflow cooling technology. This refrigerator is equipped with two shelves which are made up of toughened glass. It also comes with an anti-bacteria gasket.

  • LG GL-B201ASCY 190 litres 4-star single door refrigerator

Price – Around Rs.18000

This particular product of LG is probably the best single door refrigerator available in the market. It offers a total capacity of 190 Litres. It possesses the fastest ice making technology. The vegetable basket present in this model measures 12.6 litres. It can rely on solar energy, apart from working in electricity. There are two glass shelves present in this model.

Given the specifications and affordable pricing, it can prove to be the best buy for single-door refrigerators.

The EMI Network Card offered by Bajaj Finserv enables individuals to buy durable products such as refrigerators easily. It provides numerous benefits such as doorstep demo and same-day delivery.

Interested buyers can also opt to shop from Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, which offers shopping without any documentation.

Such financing options enable interested buyers to shop essential products such as LG refrigerators at ease. However, one should always check the product specifications before making a purchase.

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