Some of the Important FAQ’s about Car Tyres

by Nitin Saini

Know what is worst than getting a flat in the middle of the road? Not knowing what to do further. If one were to think hard and list all the options they may have, on the top of that list would be changing the tyre themselves (given that they have a spare), calling mobile tyre-fitting services, having their car towed, simply waiting for help or drive down to a garage with a puncture. Most people do not know how to change a tyre. So, if they wish to call a mobile tyre-fitting service, how would they convey the size and other such specifications of their tyres to the professional?

In order to have a professional help you, one must know the basic specifications of their tyres that can help them consequently. Thankfully, all the information one needs about their Hankook Tyres Cheltenham is present on the sidewall itself. There is no need to search for the manufacturer manual because it is all visible, all one needs to do is, look. Tyres are only as complex as one makes them out to be. If one understands the codes and alphabets that are inscribed on the sidewall, it will be easy for them to request help. Therefore, to be better informed about the specifications of your Tyres, here is a quick rundown on the combination of letters and alphabets that give out crucial information about your tyres. 

The most common inscription that can be found on the sidewall of any tyre would look like this 

210/70R18 90 V 

Let’s break this composition down. 

The first three numbers 210 in the composition 210/70R18 90 V, indicate the width of the tyre. So, the tyre is 210 millimetres in width from thread to thread. 

A. Next comes the aspect ratio or profile of the tyre. The number 70 in the composition 210/70R18 90 V, indicates that the height of the tyre is 70 per cent of its width. The aspect ratio or profile of the tyre is the height that is measured from the base of the tread to the end of the rim. This number is reflected by a percentage. If your tyres are low profiles, they will have smaller aspect ratio percentages. 

B. Next comes the construction process of your tyre. The capital letter R in the composition 210/70R18 90 V, is supposed to indicate that the tyre has a radial ply construction.

C. Next comes the size of the rim. The number 18 in the composition 210/70R18 90 V, is supposed to indicate the diameter of the rim of the wheel. This number is supposed to indicate the inches of the rim. It is important to buy tyres that can fit on the rim, anything over and below can cause hassle and would not fit. For example, the tyres one would need to buy in this scenario should have to fit on a rim of 18 inches. 

D. Next comes the load index. The load index is supposed to show the maximum capacity of load your tyres can carry when they are inflated to the minimum level of pressure. The load index for tyres can be different. In this case, the composition reads 210/70R18 90 V, so your vehicle will have a maximum carrying load of six hundred kilograms. As the code increases, so does the carrying capacity of the tyre. 

E. Lastly, comes the speed at which your Car Tyres Cheltenham can drive. In the example above, the composition reads 210/70R18 90 V. The alphabet V is the code at which your tyres can be safely operated when they are inflated to the right pressure level and are in sound condition. The letter V indicates that the maximum speed at which your tyres can drive is 240 mph

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