Solution for QuickBooks update error 15106

Accounting software QuickBooks is ideal for people who want to use straightforward features and programs without sacrificing the quality of accounting operations. QuickBooks offers users user-friendly accounting software that works exceptionally well. It is also renowned for its ease of use.

However, we all hate dealing with bugs and errors, which are the most challenging things to deal with. Users have encountered the error 15106 in Quickbooks. Error 15106 occurs when the update program is damaged or cannot be opened; a message appears on the screen.

In what situation can a user run into Error 15106 in QuickBooks?

An error occurs when the latest update to QuickBooks is being installed, which indicates that a bug is preventing the latest software from updating QuickBooks Desktop. A damaged or corrupt file was being installed. The program apparently cannot start due to an error message.

Learn about the causes, effects, and solutions to Quickbooks update error 15106 by following the steps below.

Having notifications with messages like – The update program cannot be opened, is frustrating. The users wondered why they suddenly started seeing notifications on their screens. The cause of such anomalies varies from individual to individual.

  • Installing QuickBooks is being stopped by your current antivirus program. This may be caused by Spy Sweeper in Webroot antivirus.
  • No administrator-level account is associated with the username you’re trying to sign in under.
  • A UAC setting issue on your system is also possible.
  • Programs that deal with viruses and malware that are third-party. 

How to Fix  QuickBooks Update Error 15106 in Simple Steps

  • If you find yourself faced with QuickBooks Payroll Error 15106, please take the necessary steps below to repair the problem. you may also read

Solutions: (1) Disabling User Account Control (UAC)

  • Launch Run by pressing Windows + R. Now, the user must type in Control Panel and click OK to proceed. 
  • After selecting the User Accounts, choose the User Accounts (Classic View).
  • Now, select the appropriate option for the account control settings. In case of UAC prompting, choose Yes to continue.
  • Afterward, move the slider to Never Notify and turn off UAC. The window can also be set to Always Notify if you wish to activate the User Account Control.
  • also have a Quickbook error 15215 happens for the most part while refreshing Payroll benefits and keeping up with discharge. The QuickBooks clients face the blunder of “Incapable to check Digital Signature”.

Alternatively, you can disable your antivirus and rename the QuickBooks Update folder 

In case the above tools fail to remove the error, the user can opt for this option. Below are the steps:

  • Open the Task Manager by holding down CTRL, SHIFT, and ESC together.
  • Lookup [ANTIVIRUS].exe in the Processes tab. 

Virus definitions: Avast ->avast.exe. When an error occurs, it is necessary to uninstall the antivirus application.

  • Click on the End Process button.


If the user follows all the steps above successfully, they won’t encounter QuickBooks support update error 15106. There are four methods discussed above that can be used to fix errors.

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