Smartphone insurance plans from cell phone operators

Most cell phone operators also offer pure insurance products that cover loss and theft. The plans are generally in effect as long as you continue to pay the monthly fee. AT&T, Sprint and Verizon sell coverage provided by the Asurion insurance company; The T-Mobile plan is administered by Assurant. You can find more details below .

AT&T offers three smartphone insurance plans.
The top tier, the multi-device protection package, costs $ 35 and covers three devices. The mobile protection package costs $ 12 per month per phone. They both cover device malfunction, loss, theft, and damage, as well as technical support. If you don’t mind technical support, a $ 9 plan offers the same protection.

Sprint offers several smartphone insurance plans based on your device
. More expensive phones, unsurprisingly, cost more to insure and incur higher deductibles. For example, a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and an LG Viper are in the group that costs the least, $ 9 per month. Coverage for the Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung phones costs $ 13 per month. IPhone X coverage costs $ 17. The plan covers device failure, damage, loss and theft.

T-Mobile offers 3 levels of insurance coverage for your smartphone.
The least expensive plan costs between $ 7 and $ 10 per month, depending on your device, and includes protection against malfunction, damage, loss and theft. T-Mobile also offers an enhanced protection package for $ 9 to $ 12 per month that includes the Lookout Mobile Security Premium. A $ 12 to $ 15 per month plan adds technical support. If you are already enrolled in the T-Mobile Jump program ($ 9 to $ 12 per month), which allows you to upgrade your phone once you have paid 50% of its cost, a higher level of insurance is included if you lose your phone or it is stolen.

Verizon also has 3 insurance plans for smartphones.
Their Wireless Phone Protection Plan covers defects as well as lost or stolen smartphones for $ 6.75 per month ($ 3 for basic phones); you can get up to three replacement phones each year. Verizon’s most expensive coverage, Total Mobile Protection, adds tech support for one smartphone for $ 13 per month ($ 10 for basic phones) or you can pay $ 39 per month for three phones and share up to nine replacements per year.

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