Skin Care Advice For A New-Born Baby

by abhithaahilya
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New-born babies have delicate skin. Their skin is flawless, soft, and silky, . But it does come with a cost. Tthat is why parents are always running after their babies to ensure their skin is well taken care of. Unfortunately, even after consistent caring for your baby, you may end up detecting rashes and skin blemishes of some kind in them.. What do you do then? 

Well, fear not. It is common to spot such skin issues. But you can say goodbye to them without any worries with the right skincare advice. Before you go running after the best dermatologist in India, do take a look at these pointers below. They are sure to help you. 

  1. Keep Them Away From the Sun

While exposure to the sun may be necessary, too much heat is not suitable for the baby. That is why you need to keep them away from the sun as much as you can. We do not recommend applying any sunscreen because the baby’s skin is too sensitive for that at this stage. As such, try to keep them in the shade as much as possible. Also, do not dress your baby too tightly. They may end up feeling suffocated, and the heat may make it worse. Apart from that, cover the baby’s neck and ears adequately. 

  1. Look Out For Dry Skin

Since babies have soft and delicate skin, applying too many moisturizers may end up giving them dry skin instantly. As such, you will start to notice some patches, and it can become difficult for you to take care of them properly. Although such patches are self-healing, taking care of them is essential for your baby’s good skin health. If you notice that the baby’s skin is cracking, make sure you speak to the best dermatologist in India for the same. They will give you the proper treatment to help restore your baby’s good skin. Natural oils like coconut and mustard may also be good for a baby. 

  1. Bathe Them Correctly 

When you are bathing babies, you have to be extremely careful. You cannot use regular soap or shampoo. Since the everyday bathing products may involve chemicals, we advise you not to use them on your newborn. Instead, speak to your dermatologist and ask them for the right products to use on your baby when you bathe them. Apart from this, make sure you give the baby a regular bath to help keep their soft skin intact. Soft cloth and lukewarm water are best for giving them a comfortable bath. Also, do not forget the private parts as keeping them clean is equally crucial. Make sure the baby is securely held while bathing and ensure that the bath is only five to ten minutes long. 

  1. Look Out For Cradle Caps 

Cradle cap is a common skin condition that affects many newborn babies. It may look yellowish and can make your baby’s scalp and head look plagued. Such problems may also start to show up on their forehead and around the ears. At this point, it is best to visit the best dermatologist in India and seek the proper treatment on time. Although these problems are cured naturally, why take a risk? Another thing you can do to reduce this skin condition is to apply some mineral oil before you bathe the baby. If you fail to spot any improvement in your baby’s health, speak to the doctor once again. 

  1. Avoid Nail Growth 

Yes, babies do have small and harmless nails. But to them, they may be pretty sharp. We have already spoken about how babies have soft skin. Even their nails could potentially cause scratches and cuts. Infection in the nails or any debris that remains in them can also quickly lead to skin infections. That is why trim their small nails once a week. Make sure you reduce the length to a comfortable size so that they do not harm themselves. Such a thing also helps prevent any injuries on their skin. 

  1. Combat Heat Rash 

When your baby gets exposed to overheating, a heat rash can be common to spot on their skin. It can make their skin red in no time and cause itchy rashes that can irritate your child. Usually, a cool bath or cloth can help reduce such symptoms. But if you do not see any improvement, make sure you consult the best dermatologist in India without a second thought. You must also try and avoid oil-based products as those may alleviate the rash. 

The Bottom Line 

We hope this article was helpful for you.  Do take care of your baby’s skin to the best of your abilities. If any problem arises, speak to the best dermatologist in India, and they will help you out. 

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