Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Colored Hair

by saahilkhan

Bored of the way your hair looks? Want to experiment with fun hair colors but afraid of the hair problems that come along with it? Is dandruff, dull, and dry hair your biggest concern? Are the chemicals stopping you from getting the trendy hair highlight? As we all know, hair colors contain chemicals that take away the shine and moisture from hair and can cause hair to lose its quality resulting in hair fall and can even cause dandruff! What if we told you that you can color your hair without damaging your hair just by following some simple steps and using the best antidandruff shampoo for colored hair which will suitable!

Here are the simple ways:

  • Get the right shampoo – our hair needs extra care after itscolored, something which preserves the hair quality and also the hair color thus retaining moisture and strength of the hair while preventing dandruff as well so avoid using harsh products, the ones that contain Sulphates. Pick a shampoo that is sulfate-free as it’s gentle and won’t wash out the hair color and works as natural nourishment to the hair.  
  • Use a good conditioner – moisture needs to be locked in, to gain that bouncy and shiny texture that makes hair look healthy and pops out the color well and to also repair the post-treatment frizz. After wash uses a leave-in conditioner that contains silicone which forms a protective layer on the hair and helps in preventing sun damage and dullness of hair and also works on reducing the frizzyness.
  • Natural treatments – Apart from washing and conditioning, you also need to give your hair some sustenance. Make sure to oil your scalp with any oil that works best for your hair type. Warm the oil a little bit to get that deep conditioning at least 2 times a week. It works best to avoid dandruff. Mask your hair with easily available ingredients like Banana, yogurt, Vitamin E, eggs, and honey. These masks are feasible and effortless.  
  • Use less heat – After hair color, wait for a while before you start using hair styling products as the heat can cause more damage to the delicate post-treatment hair. It’s difficult sometimes when you’re running late and you can blow dry your hair but that might just end up making your hair frizzy. Air dries your hair for some days and avoids straightening or curling. If you’re using a dryer, then use it in a cool setting when you have no choice.
  • Let go of damage – Try getting regular trims, or cut off the split ends which makes the hair look dry and get tangled. Your hair will grow back stronger and healthier. The damage at the tips takes away all the nourishment and after coloring, it just makes it worse and there is no point in growing damaged hair. So let it go just once.

So, use a color-safe dandruff shampoo along with these simple steps to maintain your hair with the desired color and look fab!

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