Signs That You Need Quick Hot Water Repairs

by brandon jackson

Your water heater might be getting damaged without you are noticing it. We are here to help you find if you need to hire Hot Water Repairs Adelaide professionals.

The following are the warning signs you must never ignore:

Water Discoloration

The major sign of water heater issue is the discoloration. If the water coming from the tap suddenly has changed its colour, there must be a problem in the heater. If the watercolor is changing only when you are using the heater, the problem is in the heater only. In another case, if watercolour is changing if the heater is not active, you need to call a plumber. In both cases, you need experts to help.

Hot Water Repairs Adelaide

Way too Hot Water

Lack of hot water is a noticeable sign that something is not right with the heater, but too much hot water is fishy as well. Your water heater can be malfunctioned if you are getting more hot water than usual or its capacity. This is the true sign that your water heater needs to be tested.

Never try to lower the temperature of your heater by yourself ever. You might not be knowledgeable enough to do it and instead of making things right, you might worsen it reversibly.

Just ask to tell the experts about inconsistent water heat level and they will handle everything.

Foul Smell in Water

If you get spoiled egg or garlic-like smell form your water heater, you need the expert help to inspect your heater. There is possibly a reaction happening inside the water heater around the rods.

Malfunctioned Pilot Light

If your pilot light isn’t turning on when you are switching on the water heater, it’s time to call the experts. It’s not just an inconvenience but dangerous as well because you will not be able to see if the water has heated.

Pooling Water

If there’s water pooling at the bottom of your water heater, a Plumber may help you. If you don’t provide any remedy to water heating it can damage the floor and may lead to unhealthy components such as mold.


Have you been hearing banging noises from your water heater machine? This simply indicates a major problem in the machine that must be tackled immediately. Normally, water heaters are quite and produce negligible noise. But if the noises are clear and loud, you need help. In many cases, water heaters have burst because of ignorance towards noises. This may indicate that the element inside the heater is broken or burnt. It is a serious condition and can become hazardous if not treated on time.

Inappropriate Insulation

Your hot water system might be using too much energy to heat the water. The experts will decrease the amount of required energy for water heating. Your home can become better energy efficient with hot water pipes effectively insulated with materials such as foam pipes. This will help you to maintain insulation and decrease excess energy consumption.

If you have noticed any of these signs in your water heater, it’s time to call professionals who can repair your Hot Water Systems in Adelaide, Australia.

Source: Signs That You Need Quick Hot Water Repairs

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