Shortlisting Secondary School in Pune? Here is Your Step-Wise Guide

by Ritu Jaiswal
secondary school

No matter how easy it may sound, shortlisting a secondary school is not a cakewalk. It needs rigorous research, visits to schools, and other cumbersome steps. And because secondary schools play a significant role in students’ careers and their inclination towards specific interests, the process demands concern. 

But, it is also true that having the right approach in place can resolve obvious glitches and can mitigate breakers in the process of finalizing a secondary school. Here is your step-wise guide to finalise the best school in Pune-

Decide priorities

What do you prioritize in school? Location? Faculty? fee structure? Or something else? 

Your priority can affect your decision to a larger extent. For example,  If you prioritize the fee structure then you might narrow down your search to different options and if you want to have a highly qualified and versatile faculty, you will probably end up with different options.  

Even before looking for the best schools in Pune, prepare a priority list to narrow down your search. And also, always make 2 or 3 priorities and avoid concentrating on a single factor for finalizing a secondary school. 

List options

Once you’re ready with your priority points, prepare a list around them. If you prioritize co-curricular amenities in school, prepare a list of secondary schools exhibiting a focus on co-curricular activities. 

Also, make different tabs in your list of all the extra amenities and facilities the school provides. These would aid in finalising the school when you’ll reach the last 2 or 3 options. 

Narrow the search 

You shortlisted your priorities and listed your options, it’s time to narrow it down. If your list contains 10 schools, applying to all 10 is no wise decision. That’s where narrowing down the list benefits.  

Cut options you prioritize less. 

Understand requirements

Understand and go through the admission requirements of your shortlisted school. You don’t want to reach school and find yourself ineligible for admission. 

Comprehend every requirement like academic marks, any certifications, age bar, location etc. to ignore last time hassle and rejection from school. 

Talk to alumni

This is one of the most important steps and can influence your decision. Talk to schools’ alumni, gather information about previous years results, any awards won and whatnot 

All this would help in understanding the market reputation of the school.

Get enrolled

Once you are done with all the steps it’s time to get enrolled in school. The admission process varies and getting all things done beforehand can save time and last time stress periods. 

You must now be clear in mind about the process of shortlisting secondary schools in Pune. It’s of no hassle if the defined approach is followed. to help you further, here is a list of carefully sorted best schools in Pune-

  • GIIS or Global Indian International School
  • Orchid the international school
  • Pune International School
  • D Y Patil international school
  • CP Goenka International School

The above list contains schools shortlisted depending on different priorities and one should go through each one of them according to their priority list to finally shortlist the best school for themselves. 

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