Short and long term Strategies to cope with Anxiety

by John Wilson
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Today, anxiety has become a part of life. You can feel anxious while facing any situation in life. Whether you go for a job interview or on a date, anxiety may leave you paralyzed. So, anxiety is nothing but a reaction to a challenging situation. However, sometimes the reaction gets intense; for instance, you can feel nauseous, headache, and breathless. These reactions could deteriorate your physical and mental health if they happen frequently.

Along with mind and body, anxiety can also affect your lifestyle, work, and relationships. The more intense your reaction is, the more it will interfere with your life. You may not recognize when anxiety can start impacting your family and career.

You will be able to treat anxiety if you recognize it early. If you have the following symptoms, you could have anxiety-

  • Rapid breathing
  • Nervousness
  • Trembling
  • Sweating
  • Increment in heart rate
  • Feeling a sense of danger
  • Feeling lack of concentration

You can feel the above symptoms at various levels. You can overcome mild symptoms easily with the help of the following short-term strategies.

Short term strategies to overcome anxiety

Today’s lifestyle has left many of us to deal with anxiety regularly. These simple tips can help to cope with the mild reaction of anxiety-

  1. Breathing exercises

Whenever anxiety strikes, it attacks breathing. You may have observed that whenever there is a stressful situation in life, you start breathing fast. If you feel that anxiety affects your breathing process, you can counter it by breathing slowly.

You can practice breathing exercises in your free time, and you can also try breathing slowly in a stressful situation for four counts. You will see a drastic improvement in managing your anxiety level.

  1. Aromatherapy

Aroma triggers specific areas of the mind and leaves you calm. Aromatherapy is effective in overcoming anxiety. Whether you are in your office or at home, try using essential oil in a diffuser or incense stick of soothing fragrance- lavender, chamomile, or sandalwood.

  1. Yoga or a short walk

Yoga or a short walk in the wood makes a person feel calm and relaxed. Walking and yoga are beneficial for your mind and body. If you are physically and mentally fit, you can easily tackle any situation in life.

The above points will help when you have mild symptoms of anxiety. However, when your anxiety reactions reach another level, you need some long-term strategies.

Long term strategies to overcome anxiety

  • Keep a check on your reactions

Every person reacts differently in different situations. Some can feel anxious in the stressful work environment, while others may not. Some may feel anxious in a relationship or at a social gathering. A person may also feel anxious after facing a traumatic situation. So, it is essential to identify the trigger points so that you can manage your reactions accordingly.

  • Change your diet

Sometimes changing eating habits can drastically improve physical and mental conditions. You can add green leaves, increase intake of omega-3 fatty acid, and other suitable juices to improve your diet. Improving the nutrition level in the body also helps in managing anxiety. However, you have to maintain eating habits for your whole life.

  • Counseling

Many people try counseling sessions for anxiety in Phoenix, Arizona. Counseling works for various mental disorders, although you may not receive results overnight. You can observe significant changes in your behavior towards the stressful situation.

Mental disorders like anxiety and depression need specialized treatment; many therapists use EMDR therapy in Arizona. EMDR therapy can help a person overcome mental illness without going into a detailed history of trauma. As many people don’t like to repeat the entire history of their traumatic experience, EMDR therapy can help.

Final Remark

Any mental disorder can degrade the quality of life and bereft you of a beautiful life. It also reduces the confidence in doing something in life. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to manage even the most straightforward situations due to anxiety. However, taking the counseling sessions for anxiety anywhere in Phoenix, Arizona, can help you get back to a normal state of mind.

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